Ambush Outside Balewood

    Father and Sigehelm have been very successful with their hunts, usually taking back a modest amount of meat and fur. It is enough to keep us warm, here in Balewood, and in winter, once it arrives. Mother will be pleased to know that she will be busy, Burgwyn will most likely be helping her as well, I hope mother will teach her some more things about being a seamstress. Burgwyn very much wishes to be like mother, both in wisdom and kindness, and being a seamstress. I do wonder what they are doing, my thoughts have ever been upon them after we left. It was decided that we would return, for it has been indeed a month, and Burgwyn and mother will be expecting us.

   "Now, let us return." Father said. "The journey here has been long, disheartening, but both of you have shown growth, both physically, and mentally. You both do not bicker with each other upon the regular, and rather, speak openly and with kindness. I am glad, you both are clever, strong, and able men. I am proud to have you two as my sons. So, let us pack up the campsite, and journey home." We packed up the campsite, cutting up the meat upon the drying racks up to a size of small trail food. The hides of bear were watched by father, and held by him. The road was rather smooth, large footsteps dotted it. I dismissed this, but my thoughts were then fixed upon the evil-looking footsteps we had seen when we were going to Balewood, near Thornhope. I told father as I was beginning to get suspicious of them.

    "Father, have you noticed the large footsteps upon the road? They are very much like the ones we found near Thornhope. Do you think these to be the same? Or perhaps I am just too imaginative?" My heart was leaden, I hoped that these would not be the same, and that father would disagree with me, saying that they weren't, but I was wrong. "Nay lad, those are the same footsteps, rather, they were made by the same boot." He paused, frowning for a moment, he gestured for us to crouch down as he pointed off in the distance. Two small, black-skinned figures with bloody, rusted, swords stood off the road. I heard muttering, and rustling in the distance. Father told us to get our spears and shields ready. We got back on the road, father told us to get close, our shields forming a barricade, and our spears facing outward, if anything dared to attack us, it would meet the sharp point of our weapons. I was surprised, perhaps we had heard a animal, and those figures were some kind of foreign traveler. I was wrong, the figures were indeed foreign, but not travelers. They were orcs. Blood-thirsty orcs.

    "Come out of the bushes and face us! We know you sculk and prowl in the forest, you think of yourselves as the predators and we the prey, but come! There are three of us and two of you. Small, black, evil, blood-thirsty folk you are! Ever the more cowardly, so come, and feast upon your dinner, if you dare try and kill it first!" Sigehelm goaded the orcs into combat, father knew what he was doing, and disapproved of it, I had not. I was rather fond of getting these figures off the road so that we could head home, or at least start the first leg of returning home. I was glad at first that it worked, two, small(smaller than men), orcs with fanged teeth, short, crooked legs were goaded out of hiding. They grabbed their rusted swords, yet did not charge. If there were too, we could easily of thrusted our spears outward, making them up with sharp points in their stomachs.

   "Stupid, pale, men! You will fall to our blades and will be dinner for the carrion!" They revealed their yellow, dotted with red, teeth, then charged. We were took back by their stupidity, or so we thought. Ere they charged we thought we could overwhelm them, yet we were wrong with our assumptions. A pair of orcs had came from behind. We were the sword upon the anvil waiting for the stroke of the hammer. "Behind us! It was a trap! Prepare yourselves!" I was scared, I didn't wish for a battle, but only a fast journey home. I raised by spear to the orcs in front of us, and thrust the tip into the stomach of the orc. Black blood rushed out through the wound, grunts came out of the orc's mouth, then he fell limp to the ground. Sigehelm smiled, laughing as he killed the orc combatant he was facing. Father was facing the two orcs that had came from behind, with a spear in his right hand and his shield in his left, he fought bravely, but was beginning to stay his strength. Sigehelm and I rushed to his side, I plunged my spear into the orc upon father's left side, and Sigehelm plunged his spear into the orc that was upon father's right side.

   "That, was some good fighting, I'm glad you two were here, if you weren't, I do not think I could've survived the battle and tell the tale about it! Oh, this will make for a good drinking story when you two are older. Now, once we get home, I'll speak to mother, as if she hears it from you two, she will be more worried than if I had." He smiled, approvingly at us both, even Sigehelm smiled and hit my shoulder in a brotherly way.

"Indeed, you did good." Sigehelm smiled, saying to me in an applauding manner. "I am starting to feel proud that you are my brother! Oh, perhaps when you are older, we will think back upon this day and drink mugs of ale dry." I shrugged it off, shaking my head while we walked. Sigehelm had started singing once we had left the scene of battle, a poem describing three men walking away from an ambush and heading home:

Three travelers upon the path to home
long had they decided to roam.
Yet waylaid were they by a band of orcs
thinking that they would soon be a corpse.
Surprised were they when they found out,
another pair of orcs were about.
The two younger men plunged their spears,
hoping them to find them inside their fears.
The three men walked away with a story to tell,
for the story they would tell was certainly swell.

"Hmm, it is a good poem indeed, certainly not the best I've heard, but perhaps you have a talent for poetry, and you may even be a poet in the future, Sigehelm! If serving in an éored doesn't work out. I will indeed be proud of you, even if you are poet. Now! Let us disregard what has just occured for the moment, and continue upon the path, but keep your eye out, for there may be more in the future, sooner, or later." Father smiled at us, then continued upon the road alongside us. The road was smoother now than it was ere the skirmish. My thoughts were ever upon the skirmish, I was happy at the outcome, and that no one had gotten hurt. However, my thoughts were of no productivity, and I had gaped out, simply muttering to myself and humming here and then while we continued upon the road, until we had found a suitable campsite and got rest.