Walking and Thoughts of Family

Father and Sigehelm went out hunting again, its been a week since I explored that cave and they got back from their successful hunt. So far, the adventure has been interesting, its a good change of scenery, and we've been training more than we have been before. I only wish that Uncle Ecgbald, my cousin, and the whole family could be here. It would be so much more fun, yet sadly the purpose of this journey is not to have fun, but to train and be more prepared for the future, least that is what father says. My thoughts have been upon my family during this trip, mother, sister, cousin, uncle, and so on. What is mother and Bergwyn doing at home, where is Uncle, is my cousin off fighting already? These questions have haunted my mind. A walk always clears my thoughts. I left the campsite and wandered in the direction of the road through Balewood. Sigehelm and father will not mind, I am able to take care of myself anyways. My thoughts turned to Sigehelm, he and I never got along, no, I remember when he had got me into a fight and forced me to run into the woods and sprain my ankle.

Yet, he grew more approvingly of me since we had went on this journey, was it that he was finally accepting the fact that he can't get a brother that is a soldier and is bold and favors what he favors, or that father gave him a stern talking to. I do not know, nor do I dare to ask, for his anger would grow, or either he simply would dismiss the question. I don't dare ask father either, for he would say yes and no. If Uncle Ecgbald was here, I was ask him, as he would provide the most logical advice, and offer what to do next. Thats why I liked him, he was always so logical, a pure thinker my father would say. My cousin from Aldburg on the other hand, he wasn't so logical, nor did he think much. He and Sigehelm often got along due to that reason, but he and I often got along. It was his love of wood-working that he drove me to carve, and for that, I thank him. He makes wonderful carvings, of horses, riders, beasts, and things out of legend. A fine and respectable man. My thoughts were turned to Burgwynn and mother. Both compassionate, loving, kind people. Mother always caring for us all, making us food, or repairing our clothes, even making them! Yet stern and harsh when need to be. Now, Burgwynn is compassionate, loving and kind, slightly naive and gullible, but she is young, like I. She does not like work, but she does it and doesn't whine. Tis a shame that she, uncle, my cousin, and mother was not able to join us. But, they would not be training. They are not going in an Eored, like I, Sigehelm and my cousin. Uncle is already in one, and mother and Burgwyn cannot. Pity. My thoughts were turned away from family as I got back to the campsite, instead, they turned to rest. The walk was long, and it exhausted me.