Finally at Forlaw

We departed from Thornhope and continued upon the road to Wildermoore, we were nearing the end of the first leg of the journey. We still have the three weeks to endure, and don't mention the trek back home. By the end of this, I swear, I will die by exhaustion. The air was starting to turn more cold than it was earlier, and the ground was damp in some spots, perhaps it had rained? But there was no sign of rain, nor a storm. I was concerned by this, but didn't ask questions, nor did I think of asking questions. I had asked father so many questions so far that, he may not want to answer any more. Within some moments, the green, flowing grass had turned into white and still figures upon the ground. The air turned chill. The road was less laden with footsteps than it was earlier as well, but what made me glad was that the evil-looking footsteps had disappeared. It mattered not, we were close to Forlaw and safety. Our spears have missed the thrill of battle, and our shields as well. I sighed as we had arrived at Forlaw, it was refreshing to know that we were safe, however, I dearly wanted to get to Balewood and build our campsite. But I do suppose that will have to wait.