Summer Has Arrived

Summer. Finally, its here. Father told us both that we are departing for Wildermoore today, Burgwyn and mother won't come, too cold they say, and that they need to stay home to protect the homestead. Yet here I thought that father was only bringing Sigehelm, I suppose I was wrong. With summer finally here, I thought it best to wander in the plains once again. My chores were quite easy as opposed to Sigehelm's, his were more difficult. I set out with my spear, as a precaution, and started to drift without purpose into a thoughtful trek. The fields were laden with corn kernels. Birds chirped, making sweet sounds. The relaxing sounds of summer were here. My spear was sharp, as it should be, just in case something wanted to make a quick meal out of me, hence why I brought it. You can never be more careful now a days. It appeared to me that the dark forest was near me, however, it was no longer dark and dreadful, but full of light and peace and beauty. I drifted to it without any second thoughts, it called to me, like a moth drawn to light. The sun weaved throughout the leaves and branches. The roots were like thick, cold, grasping hands when it was dark, but now it was like the soft and gentle hands of a caring mother tending a wound. It was odd, comfortable, yet distracting, like it was carrying me further into something dark. Haunting even. I turned back with hesitation. I came back home and didn't speak a word of it to anyone, did my chores, and ate dinner then went to sleep. I had a dream, that a pale, white-dressed lady was with me, walking, giving me advice. "In your future, something may happen which will make you a slanderer of the king." That was the only thing I could remember, however, father did have a mug of ale lying about, and it was half empty when he returned, so he was led to believe I had drunk it. Perhaps I did, perhaps I didn't. I don't know, but that was the only thing I could remember out of that dream.