Age Coming to an end.

Finally, their final destination was before them. The Black Gate of Mordor - The place where their fates were about to be decided. Both armies started their movement. Katrandil looked at Ornessar. "So... this is the time, my friend. I hope for the best." - She said towards him and kept observing the orcs. He glanced at her and hugged her tightly that one last time. "If we split, take care..." - He whispered then pulled away from her. She glanced at him and looked into his eyes, knowing that could be the last time she sees him, but deep in heart she was still believing that they will both come back victorious. "You too. We will meet again." - She replied then turned to the fields as he ran into the heat of battle. She readied her greatsword."Here I come..." - She said to herself and charged towards the orcs. As she fought Ornessar's voice kept sounding around. She heard him as well and smiled even in the face of certain doom.