Tales from Thargelion

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Those who also have memories of that place and time, and of what followed.

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The Chronicle is supervised by Carnifinde of Thargelion, more often known as 'Danel'. It contains official documents, letters and memories both copied from the time of the events and recorded in the late Third and early Fourth Ages. 

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It was so long ago.

Many never knew what truly happened in those days. Many younger members of our folk have little idea, save what is commonly given them as the truth. Though some 'facts' are unarguably accurate, others stray into grey areas when matched against the reality I knew. 

My early years were mostly happy ones. Thargelion was a good and prosperous land. For our Prince was far more than the haughty, swift to anger, dark-mooded individual he has oft been portrayed. And he and his people were keen to learn, to study, to forge and to trade. They were keen for a peaceful life. 

It was not to be.

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