The Journey: Part one

We stopped at the Ivy Bush inn at Hobbiton, then unloaded much of our supplies, washed our horses and fed them. We then had songs and merry talk, I myself had drank some tankards of Hobbit ale, which might I add, was better then I thought. Angollon asked if he could talk to Orli, our scholar, and leader. I called him over and they began to talk, then Angollon had read a scroll in common tongue for us, since that scroll was Sindarin. It read that the scholars of Mithlond were extending a hand of cooperation of scholars, no matter race nor age, and the like. I found that this was delightful, and both me and Orli had agreed to join, for as bad as I was in lore and finding it, I want to learn. I think it was a good decision to bring Angollon with us on our Caravan, and now it appears that two Rohirirm had wished to join us, but I didn't catch their name, for I believe they needed rest from their long journey. It was very odd for Rohirirm to be out this way, but I did not complain, as we need all the men we can get. After the talk of merry things went down, we went to sleep, and I had thought of my Grandfather. But mostly how he would love what I am doing, and how I am making him proud, so would my father.