Todsi Silverbeard Son of Bodsi

Name Todsi
Caravan Guard
Young (98)
Outward Appearance

Todsi is 4.6 feet tall. His beard is short-- as young as he. Wavy one could say, but kept in fair shape, and even fairer pride. His body is leaning towards the slight well-fed side, but underneath his steel armor one could not determine for sure, as alone the armor would be a couple pounds-- or at least by some accounts. His face is always in a stern manner, unless his wits have been spoiled by ale. He can always be seen with a double-handed axe, usually accompanied by his axe on his side and his shield on his back.


Todsi was born in the year T.A 2 920. He grew up in the blue mountains with his Father. Bodsi, Todsi’s father, was a blacksmith, forging weapons and armor. Todsi was taught many things by his father, how to work a smithy, make weapons, and so on. Bodsi was a great father, stubborn at times with his son, but often kind and comforting when he needed to be. Todsi certainly got his stubbornness, kind and comforting side. Todsi would often listen to his Grandfather, about his tales of the Erebor and its beauty and wealth, it was a glorious thing to hear, but his grandfather had came upon a terrible illness, and was laid to rest when Todsi was only a wee lad. Bodsi and Todsi were sad and mourned for their loss for a month. It was decided that Bodsi and Todsi would go to the Iron hills, to seek their cousins and friends. With months behind them, they came upon the Lonely mountain, and noticed a host of Elves and men, but most importantly, they saw Dwarves behind the gate of Erebor, and with loud thunder-like thumps, King Dain had arrived. They both rushed to his Army’s side, and joined in, concerned, but in anger partially. Bodsi died that day. Todsi grieved for his loss and was sad. It is quite rare you would find Todsi talking about that day. Instead of coming back to the Blue Mountains, Todsi stayed in Erebor. Mining and forging and using all the knowledge his father had told him. Many years later that day, Todsi was a caravan guard, assigned to those that went from Erebor to the Blue Mountains and back. Sadly, this brave Dwarf and his caravan had fell from foul spiders in Mirkwood.

Ale, Bodsi, and his cousins in the Iron hills, Dernwynn,Elirior
Bodsi, father: alive
Goblins, Orcs, Wargs, Trolls,
the road, ale, killing Goblins, good talks,
Mead, Goblins, Orcs, Wargs, Trolls, smart-arses, theives, brigands
To make his Father and Grandfather proud
"There is nothing like a mug o ale after a good Goblin killing!"

Todsi's Adventures

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Todsi's Adventures

Todsi's Gallery

Todsi's Gallery