The Shadow Walkers: On The Field of Victory

After setting up the camp The Forngarmo was feeling like she was going to collapse but still she kept masking that well, even with the wounds, that remained untouched since the battle. Then, the two began to search a spot for themselves and as she tried to speak a man came up to her and grabbed her, soon the two vanished from Ornessar's sight, bickering about seeing a healer. After that she came back out of the medical tent and went to look for her friend, clearly annoyed that anyone dared to touch her. She has found him talking with Gandalf and as he spotted her he sat beside her as she did so. 
"You seem angry at something. Should I leave you alone for a while or..." - He started to speak, seeing her anger and unsure if he should bother her at the moment. She looked at him with a calm expression, as she masked the anger for a moment. "You're always welcome..." - She said back then pulled her hood and mask down, her face visible for a first time since a while. "It's certainly been a while since I've seen your whole face." - He said enjoying the view of her face.  "I'd rather stay hooded anyway." - She chuckled and the mood got lightened. "I can understand that. When all the 'festivities' end I'll have to ride north and check on my family. I will be back though if you choose to stay here." - The elf then said and glanced at her once again. She then sighed. "I am not sure where will I end. But I want to leave as soon as possible, cause I cannot stand another question on how I have survived the Nazgul." - She chuckled once again as she replied. "The wraith didn't even drop you from a big height, to be honest. You fell just the right way to be mostly unharmed." - Ornessar replied after a moment. Then she nodded. "That's right. But so many did as well, and died." - She sighed, recalling the deaths of many. Especially that of Calenglad. "Fortune is by your side this day. I've heard that some will enter Mordor to destroy all that's left of it." - The Elf then said as if suggesting something to the ranger and The Forngarmo nodded to say that she heard that rumours too. 
"When I heard that, my mind told me that you would be joining them. That's what logic told me" - He continued while looking at her. She looked like she was lost in her thoughts. "If my road leads there...Just still thinking why I was to be spared. It's Calenglad who should be here now, not I." - She kept thinking about her friend that had fallen and her own fate. "Eru might have a plan for you." - Ornessar replied but still the ranger was saddened. Calenglad was a dear friend to her. They knew each other for a long time, even lived in the same place. The elf looked at her. "We cannot change the course of the future or the events of the past... It is all going according to the plans of Eru, for we were created by his will and music, as is this world. You... I... Calaerneth... There's a reason we're all where we are right now. And we will discover it one day." - He kept going and after finishing his speech looked into her eyes. She glanced back at him. "I am sure of it, My friend. Anyway, this is the time we need to part our ways." - She said knowing that soon both of them will go their own way, once again. "I understand. We will meet again, I promise this. I will miss you." - He said and the stood up to hug her tightly. The Forngarmo returned the hug. "I will miss you too." - She said and bowed her head towards him, bidding him farewell. And then, he went away, their ways once again splitted.