The Shadow Walkers: Before it all Ends part I

After a couple of time The Forngarmo has reached the way leading back to where the army was waiting. She walked back towards the camp where her friend, Ornessar met her once again as if he remained here since the moment she left for the task. She bowed her head but remained silent. The elf then looked at her once more. "What did you find?" - He asked her as they went deeper into the camp. The Forngarmo then looked at him and stopped on her way. "The passage is safe until the ruins of Haerondir. Soon after it there's a small army of orcs that might endanger our mission. We will need to stop in those ruins." - She said then turned around, facing the way deeper into the camp.  "I need to inform Aragorn about it." -  She said then slowly walks away in search of her chieftain and finds him near his tent after a while but a guard stops her. As she insisted he has called for Aragorn and soon The Forngarmo has informed him about everything that occured on her way, then they begin to plan the next move of the army. As their conversation ended, the Ranger backed away and rejoined Ornessar. Then the two looked towards Aragorn as he began adressing the army. Aragorn looked across his army. "This is the time to move. Gather your armour and weapons and mount up, my friends. Soon we shall reclaim the Middle-Earth from Sauron's evil!" - He finished his speech and begin preparing himself as the army began gathering. The Forngarmo moved away in silence to get her steed as well. After a moment she spoke towards Ornessar.  "We shall prepare, my friend." - She said then readied herself for the way. Then she mounted her horse and started moving as soon as the army was ready to leave and has already started the moving. She then glanced towards the elf once again.  "So, how're you doing?" - She asked him observing the way as if she was expecting someone or something to come. The elf stayed silent for a moment then finally glanced back at her. "I am worried about the North..." - He said finally and as she asked him about his worries he had decided to tell her about things that kept bothering him. "Lady Galadriel has foreseen a great battle up there as well. I mustered all of the House of Ornessë there to aid them. I am worried about them, Lothlorien and Mirkwood." - He said and after a moment of thinking The Forngarmo looked towards him. " There are still those of my kin around, I am sure they will come as well." - She said glancing at Haerondir as they rode closer to it and became lost in her thoughts, something kept troubling her. The elf looked the same way then nodded.  "I hope so." - He said as they began entering the ruins.