Missed The Market

I departed from Gondamon to Duilond in the hopes that I might arrive at the annual market, for I needed some things, and decided to indulge in some Elven wine(it was not good as Dwarven Ale..) which I never thought I would do. Seeing as though some of the snow melted alongside the ice, it was a easy enough travel there, since winter has departed-- at least somewhat. I didn't bother to bring anything to sell, as I didn't have anything to sell. I set up a campfire about an hour away from Thrasi's lodge. I gathered some dead sticks, branches and such, then lit the campfire. I quickly huddle by the fire, taking the warmth, but I found myself drifting into a dreamless sleep but instead one with nightmares of death and darkness. I awoke to the sound of the birds chirping, I quickly gathered my sleeping roll and set out towards Duilond. I arrived there quite merry, despite my nightmares of death last night. It was quite unfortunate that I had missed the market, but instead I found myself allured to a song of Elven make, sorrowful in a way. I listened and spotted some of them, and after the song I had introduced myself. It seems I only had actually got one of the Elves' names. Cirdamir, or perhaps was it Celebringon..by my beard! Elves have such troublesome names. Some of them quickly departed after the song(and most likely my arrival) like the one that seemed full of sorrow, and then one who didn't speak, and who had worn armor, and decently looking armor at that. After that, we had departed. But although I missed the market, I was glad that I had met some more Elves, as i've not seen that much. It was a decent trip back to Gondamon as well, but as soon as I got back I quickly went to sleep.