Happenings of the Ironspan

After I left the old shipwreck I took my boat over the bay again. I paddled for about an hour until I reached the other shoreline of the Bay. I docked my boat at Sûri-Kylä where I borrowed it from one of the fishermen. 
He looked surprised to see me again, perhaps he did not think I could manage to cross the watery gap between the two shores on my own.
I walked into the village, up to the large tent where the Lossoth chieftain was awaiting me. 

As I went inside I was greeted by many faces. '"Welcome back'' they said. ''How was your trip. Did you go to the sea-monster?''. I spoke with the locals in the tent about my voyage across the bay and it seemed like hours went by with a flash before the chieftain appeared. He wanted me to do him a favor. 
He had not heared from the outpost in Jä-Rannit for a while and asked me if I wanted to go check on it for him. With the hunting season at large, he could not spare the scouts to go investigate and so it was up to me to aid my friends.

I took a sled with me and some supplies they gave me to build a camp before heading out into the frozen hills and glaciers of Forochel. It was after about two hours walking that I heard something.....
I hid my sled and grabbed my bow as I heared voices over a small hill. As I crouched closer I saw three Angmarim standing over the uncovered skeletons of what I can only assume were unfortunate travelers.
They were talking about how ''The skeletons would do nicely'' and ''Taking them''.
All this sinister talk made me unsure to let it pass and thus I did what I always do in such moments. I took them out.
As they laid in the snow, pierced by my arrows I wondered but one thing.
''These Angmarim ventured quite far from the Ironspan. Why did they leave their stronghold on the border with Angmar?
Was it for these bones? What do they want with the remains of old travelers? 
What sort of dark and sinister doings go on in that old dwarven stronghold.....''

I decided my road would not lead me to Jä-Rannit yet. I had to pass it and see what was happening at the Ironspan.
As I pass through Reodh Fuil I encounter various different outpost made by the Angmarim host at the Ironspan. After taking out several smaller scouting groups of Angmarim I could now freely pass and move closer to the old dwarven ruins within the Ironspan. 
It was here that I saw it to be heavily guarded. Trying to get in from anywhere near the front gates would certainly get me killed, or worse..... captured. Thus I decided on taking a secret route. I had used it before. past a small ridge on the north side of the gap far in and even all the way to Angmar. A path most likely used in elder days by the fleeing Lossoth.

As I moved towards the Ironspan my feeling started to warn me. I felt uneased, like I should turn back and forget whatever may be in there. However I refused... And I did not seem to be the only one suspisious about the place.
As I neared the secret path into the span I was greeted by two old friends.
It was  Noora and Valio of the Lossoth outpost in Jä-Rannit just outside Reodh Fuil.
They had seen Angmarim move deeper into their lands and decided to go investigate themselves. 
I warned them it would be dangerous to go further onwards... but they just did the same with me. We eventualy decided to go together. The tree of us sneaked out way inside using the secret passage. We took out a guard or two along its way until we were far behind the enemy's line at the gate, and deep inside the stronghold.
There..... Deep inside the stronghold we found a weird looking runestone. A black stone with a purplish rune carved into it. It felt dreadful and evil and we dared not to touch it. 
I did try however to learn what it ment though all my efforts to read the runes and find knowledge on this stone, I had nothing to gain from it. 
As we heard a loud bell we knew that the Angmarim would be coming back to the upper levels. The stone was near the gate to the barracks deeper within and we had no time to take it with us. We had no more time to investigate either...
We ran back to the secret path and headed towards Reodh Fuil and then back to
Jä-Rannit as fast as we could.
For now we can't do much. But we must not let the Angmarim travel deeper into the lands.

I will return here to finish this. But not now... I must now head to Sûri-Kylä to warn the Chieftain about my findings.

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