The Shadow Walkers: The Summons II

After that fearful dream, Ornessar and Calaerneth stood up and went to the baths of the guest-hall to clean themselves and get refreshed - after all, a large feast was waiting for them. When they exited the baths they returned to their room and took care of each other's long, majestic hair and they wore formal and royal clothes, for the feast.

As they entered the feast hall of Merethond, they went downstairs and took a walk to the kitchens before they sat at their place, right next to King Elessar and Queen Undómiel. The night was merry, full of dance, music, food and drink. Luckily, King Elessar had provided enough food options so that both Ornessar and Calaerneth and the rest of the people would consume anything they'd like.

The feast came to an end in the early morning, before sunrise. As the feast ended, the elven couple returned to their room, dressed up in a more rogue-ish manner, and as King Elessar commanded, they took some provisions from Minas Tirith to a cart and would bring them to the part of the Host of the West that still fought in Mordor - destroying all that's left of it, now that Sauron was gone.

And so they did. After a journey they ended up outside of the Black Gate, and left the provisions to a couple of Rangers who were responsible for providing the Host of the West with food and water. But what happened next was quite unexpected for Ornessar, who thought his friend was long dead.

Walking towards the Black Gate, Ornessar saw an injured, masked Ranger who had fallen down and was lying motionless. He first checked if she was alive - which she was - and took care of her (not vital) wound with the help of Calaerneth. He then pulled down her mask, and in a matter of hundredths of a second, he was shocked to see that this was his friend. The only friend of his that now remained on this side of the Great Sea. Anyway, he then helped her come back to consciousness, and as she did, she (as always) insisted she was alright and that her wounds were only scratches. But after all, she listened to Ornessar and rested for two days before walking back into Mordor with Ornessar and Calaerneth. They both remained loyal to one another and they entered that god-forsaken land.