It took them two days of slow ride to Trestlebridge, as they crossed the old wooden span Briannon showed Hiath the stone structure under the what is known as Trestlespan. 


- "I never found a name of that bridge, the stone one that leads to old ruins in Kings Norbury. Do imagine the splendor of what stood there once upon the time." - She said with melancholy in her voice.

- "I wonder what hand ruined that stone bridge, was it Time or Warcraft?" - Hiath mused upon the sight as stoking his beard.

- "We will ask Cynric, he is well of unknown curiosities. But ask him to name you Shire village? He would look at you as if you talked to him on strange tongue." - Briannon laughs and jerks reigns of her horse to continue travel.

Hiaths laughter boomed over the canyon over which Trestlespan stood for many seasons.