The Laine Family

Founding date
Roughly 3 years ago
To Roleplay a family community in and around the family farm and in Bree Town, with branching story lines, events and fun.
Main area of operations
The Laine Family primarily surround the family farm, which is also close to personal homes of the family, cottages available for lease and close friends. The homes and farm are based in a Bree-Land Homestead which is a hub for regular roleplay.
Kinship type
The good and close friends and extended family of the members. Residents of Cliving occasionally use property owning to Laine Farm Land
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


Welcome to Laine Family Farm! We are a Heavy-RP based Kin located in Bree-Land. We have been active for roughly 3 years and started off with humble beginnings. The kin is centered around a countryside farming community snugged away from the bustle of Bree in a quaint peaceful village. The farmland spans several houses in one corner of the village and includes various farming decorations and points of interest that fit with the RP aesthetics. 

The Village also includes cottages, big and small, which are kept for leasing out to travelers' and guests, ranging from short stay to long stay. A regular client of the Laine's is the respectable family from Residents of Cliving, who come and stay in the village once and year. Then there are the homes of the families who make the farm what it is. The Laine Family home sits upon a hill overlooking the entirety of the village. Close by are the homes of the workers and their families.

The Farm started off a single farm house with a small plot of land. The Farm was also used as the home for Rickstan during his marriage to Cedwyn and then his marriage to Nessya after personal circumstances. With the help of his Brother Gythleth the farm started to grow. Over time the farm branched into other areas of work, including Cart Deliveries, Trade with the Dwarves in which Thoktar is a frequent welcome guest with the family, the mill that provides flour and grain, vegetables and fruits from the farms own wicker garden and baked goods. Soon the village began to swarm with tiny feet as the families expanded with children. With the Farm prospering and making profit, Rickstan purchased a large abode and over time bought the deeds to other cottages in the village. With the help of the many charismatic workers, such as Paigey who skitters from house to house cleaning and housekeeping, the farm literally, "Rolls around like a mill".

The Farm is ever looking for new and interesting ways to expand and grow, providing work and solidifying a future for the next generation to come. They welcome any business propositions and visitors to the farm.

The following animals are housed upon the farm. Pigs, Sheep, Chickens, Two Female Long Haired Cows and Goats. This also includes the horses, the Dog and The Cat! It will quickly become apparent that the animals have unusual eccentric names, such as Moo and Milk the Cows.

And who could forget Dog..... 

  • Rank 10 Kinship.

  • Heavy-RP Which Includes In Depth Storylines And Events.

  • The Farm Employs People Of Various Professions, So Long As The Position Suit The Aesthetic Of The Kin And Respects Lore.

  • Discord Channel Available Upon Request Once A Member.

  • The Races Of Man, Dwarf and Hobbit Will Be Accepted Into The Kin.

  • Daily Activity.

  • Crafting Facilities.

  • OOC Leveling Assistance.

  • Trunk Of Unbound Cosmetics Can Be Provided.

  • Any Behavior Deemed Unacceptable Will Result In Removal From The Kin. Depending On The Severity Of The Issue, There Will Be A Discussion In Private To Try And Resolve. Please Respect Other Players In The RP Community. 


Dughal Dughal Alton Man
Ellosia Ellosia "Ellie" Man
Gythleth Gythleth Wolfcaelder (Laine) Man
Nessya Nessya Laine Man
Rickstan Rickstan "Rick" Laine Man

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