Glawar en Calidhil

Founding date
June 30, 2012
As with it's Sister Kinship, we aim to nurture individual Elven character progression by introducing like-minded roleplayers to encourage further plots and relationships. We also aim to portray the Elves of the Third Age as faithfully as we can.
Main area of operations
Celondim, Rivendell, Lothlórien, Mirkwood, Thinglad
Kinship type
Quendi-i-Elgalad Alliance which consists of Glawar en Calidhil and Nost en Ithil.
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)



Alatúlië le-Glawar en Calidhil! Elen síla lúmenn' omentielmo!


Gi nathlam a Glawar en Calidhil! Gail síla erin lû e-govaned 'wîn!

Our purpose and goals are modeled after that of our Sister Kinship, Thrice Lucky. We provide Lore-friendly Elven Role-play to those that wish it, and we are focused on bringing like-minded Elven Role-players together to create future plots, character development and character relationships through In-character interaction. As such, we are no In-character organization and our characters are not united by a single purpose or goal.

Despite being majorly devoted to Role-play, we are small and mostly laid-back and relaxed. Role-players come and go at various times during the day and Role-play sometimes happens spotaneously at any given time. Glawar en Calidhil differs from most other kins in that we are mostly loose, and do not force our members to attend events or participate in on-going Storylines. All are free to create their own Role-play or join other's (With permission of course!) and we strive to help those wishing to learn how to RP as best as we can. We are not so extreme on activity and strive to create a fun, friendly and warm environment for Old and New Role-players alike.


  • Must be an Elf wink
  • Must be sociable and have a basic understanding of English grammar and language.
  • Willing to learn the Lore of Tolkien and the Elves. A Basic understanding of Middle-earth is highly encouraged.


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