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Aelidan Teoth of Gondor


Ranger of Ithilien, gondorian militant and assistant captain.

AgeLook of between 20 and 30
ResidenceResides within Minas Tirith, but spends most of his time in the forest of Ithilien

People of Minas Tirith

Outward Appearance

Aelidan is 6 feet tall exactly and weights around 200lbs. His skin is sort of a brown which reveals his place of birth. He is neither skinny, but nor fat. His has a well structured muscular body. However, his body is also scarred badly with the marks of the whip which are still present and will be present for a long time. He has bright blue eyes and a ponytail. He has one big scar across his face. He pretends his is mute as he does not wish to speak to people. Thus he can be rarely seen speaking. He wears his armor and a hood, which covers his face. He can be seen wearing a bow, one knife and one sword - his main weaponry. is armor is always dark, thick and protective. He is a shy person, who has problems with dealing or talking to the others. He is very inconfident, sometimes very moody. 



Elven Sword which was given to him in Lothlorien on his way to the lands of Arnor. It was a gift from the elves as Aelidan had a long and dangerous way to his destiny. Unfortunately, Aelidan hasn't given a name to it yet, but he has no time to think about it for now. The sword served him well and still counts by him as his main weapon. The specialties about the weapon are:

-It is light and doesn't require a strong hand to hold it.

-It has no crossguard, which opens more advantages for the user. As well as disadvantages.

-It is sharp and smooth, which is always useful in combats.

-It is a vital killing machine in skillful hands, which Aelidan is getting as he gets more and more familiar with the use of melee weapons.


Gondorian dagger, which was given to him by his father, sort of a relic of Teoth. That's the only thing Aelidan got left that remind him of his home and his belonging. There are no huge advantages, but it is made of a high-quality steel and is really sharp, Aelidan mostly uses it for sparing the animals from sufferings after they being shot. It may occasionally be used in means of protection, however daggers are not very useful against the other types of weapons like sword, maces, axes, clubs and so on. This dagger is more of a relic and a compact tool for Aelidan.








(Broken) Hand-made bow, which was made by Aelidan himself. Aelidan spent about half a year making it a perfect one for himself, as he wasn't really familiar with archery. But, being a ranger required him to know how to shoot with a bow well. So, to make his life easier, he made his own concept of a bow, which could make his flaws unseen and almost inconspicuous to the others. The bow is light and made out of yew, it is barely painted so the dye doesn't add an extra weight to it. It is fairly broad and big but at the same time quite thin. Aelidan keeps it wrapped in a piece of cloth hanging on his horse, away from the eyes of rivals and just strangers. He only uses it when he goes hunting. This bow doesn't require a special set of arrows, but Aelidan prefers to carve the arrows himself, adding a special feature to each one. 









Special weaponry:


Axe-like hanging blades, something Aelidan structured himself. Aelidan is not an armourer and metalsmith, but he is good ay drawing. These axe like blades, which have many similarities with pickaxes, are his special ones. There are two of them and they are connected to his special gauntlets by two strong dwarf-steel chains. Depends on the way moves his wrist, the chains can be extended in a maximum length of 5 meters, which adds a bit of weight to his gauntlets. However, the chains are not very heavy, but very strong. The axes weren't crafted by Aelidan, he only provided full-detailed sketches and resources to the dwarves in their quarter in Bree, which agreed to craft. For a coin, of course.









He has no friends. Does not think of befriending anyone.


Mother: Alazel, Father: Belrandir, Siblings: Few. All alive and live in Minas Tirith (ICly not played by anyone)


He used to consider folks of Haradwaith and Umbar his rivals. Yet he does not want to have any.


Being alone, silence and peace. He loves forests and nights. He loves animals, but not all of them. He loves to dream, then he can imagine a normal life.


He doesn't have particular sympathy towards his own kin. He hates people, mostly.


To go forward, survive, get his life to normal, have a dream.



Aelidan's Adventures

Aelidan's Adventures

Aelidan's Gallery

Aelidan's Gallery