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Osgiliath Campaign: Introduction.

“If I ever get a chance of surviving in this madness – I should write a book about my life. Memories must be recorded on the paper. Then people may make tales and legends out of them. But even if I start – where do I start? How we started the siege? Or from when I smelt that something was going on. Or maybe from when I first joined rangers? Became part of military? It is really hard to start a story, I suppose. I’ll think on that later.”

As company camped in culverts, helping injured brothers and sisters, Mablung did not think of staying for long. The company initially planned to get to Osgiliath and operate from there if possible. Now, as it possible, they have to start thinking of what they are going to do next. Initial, fundamental ideas are probably: Communicating gondorian forces in the west, scouting alleys and streets, retake Dome of Stars in order to have a proper stronghold. However, the other option was palace of Eldacar, but it had no strategical use whatsoever. So here came the dilemma.

“I suppose we try getting through the city to the Dome of Starts. I hope that scouts I sent to Minas Anor and Bar Hurin delivered message of our presence in the city. And hopefully they assume we got there alive.”

It is probably correct to acknowledge remaining Six of the company. All members now mattered much more than before, because by losing one the percentage lost is much higher. So here we go.

Mablung – Captain of the 1st squad leading attack on Osgiliath. The most mature ranger of the company. Old stallion, battle forged and battle-worn. He is strict, precise and cautious. And very responsible.

Faruil – Leutenant ranger in the company. A man of ancient origin. Used to be a metalsmith working for his dad in Minas Tirith. Now, to his fortune, a war veteran who is determined to end the war with glory.

Callen – Sergeant ranger, a usual partner of Aelidan. He is a nice, but very cautious person. He values his life more that the life of those around him. However, he always follows orders no matter what they are.

Hardy – Senior ranger, scout, a tough but very much experienced man. He dark skin tones tell of South Gondor origins, which add a bit of exotic touch to him. He is usually followed by Haskel, who is mildly in love with him.

Aelidan – Mute ranger, Sergeant, main narrator of the chronicle. Keep diary to record everything that is happening. He is not a recent addition to the ranks, but neither an old one. He has a cousin serving with him, Haskel. But she always prefer to ignore the fact of related family blood with Aelidan.

Haskel – Senior ranger, scout, very impudent person. She grew up in Minas Tirith, along with Aelidan. They never had a good relationship, especially after he disappeared for a long time. Now, as they have to serve together, she ignores her unpleasant feelings. She is young and fair, blonde, blue-eyed. Follows Hardy everywhere.

And there is also Syko – a member who plans to join Mablung on scouting mission to Dome. She is a young woman, head healer in culverts. She is not really and armslady, but offered to help those who they might find on their way. She believes there are still rangers out there, she heard voices….