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Osgiliath Campaign: Pre-battle setup.

It’s a rainy, scary night. Nothing really smells of bad outcome to what they were doing. As Aelidan and Haskel followed mysterious strangers, they ended up in a ruined stronghold with several levels to it. It’s a building somewhere on the East side, from which you can clearly see the bridge and what was happening. Right among the enemy lines. Gondorian military started waving their torches to notify of their presence and that they have not forgotten about us. There were approximately….twenty-thirty rangers located in the building. Some were busy getting supplies in, some were busy setting weapons in the right place, some were at the window frames, scouting the area nearby with their eyes. The person who summoned Aelidan and Haskel walked forth, dropping his hood.

‘’You alright, chaps? Haven’t seen you before much. Damrod, at your service. Find some place to rest. I’ll tell you later when you are patrolling the area and taking a watch.’’

He greeted both Haskel and Aelidan nicely, spoke freely and humbly, unlike Mablung did. There was still one thing to clarify. Is Mablung expecting them to find the company? There is still Callen and Hardy, plus no one heard of Syko and those rangers in culverts. What has happened during that time? Anyways, the night is dark and eyes are closing. Aelidan went to find a spot which could suit his needs of plain stone with a bit of soft substitute for a pillow. At last, there was ground with not a single crack on it, clear of stone and not occupied. He led Haskel by her hand, making sure they do not separate in a fuss that is happening in the building. After-all, she is the only one he knows in this company and, despite their dislike of each other, they are relatives.

Aelidan dropped himself on the ground, unable to bear his weight. He fixed his cloak so it forms a sort of a pillow for his head, now lying down freely and comfortably. Haskel set herself next to him, leaning with her head against his chest. Feeling not a single bit uncomfortable, Aelidan wrapped his hand around her and closed his eyes.

‘’Awake, ye? Time to guard.’’

Siblings were awaken by a gentle kick on Aelidan’s side. It took him a few moments before vision went to normal and senses were regained. He looked up at the person, who previously introduced himself Damrod, and, with no hesitation, proceeded to fulfill the rota. Haskel woke up as he started moving, knowing already what to do. Damrod stayed there, waiting for us to stand up with a comforting smile, wanting to explain us how we guard and where we guard.

‘’Alright. We’ve got two entrances in this building. And six window rims. You two take the South-East side. There might be arrows flying your direction – dodge and ignore. Enemy is aware of our location, but does not dare to assault. Minas Tirith is baiting them on us. In the morning we shall retake East side and end the madness.’’

Words and orders were clear and precise. Aelidan feels like if the transition never happened between scouting with Mablung and now oppressing with Damrod. New place of operating seemed oddly satisfying. Everyone was determined in a win and Damrod himself was quite sure everything will work out. For once, Aelidan felt as if the end to this battle is very near. Warmth filled up his body. Smile crossed his face.

Haskel sat on the rock beside the window, idly watching the moon slowly cross the sky above. Meanwhile, Aelidan felt like looking at the other ruined houses. He was trying to catch a glimpse of lurking orcs and uruks. At one point, an arrow brought some sense to Haskel’s dreaming as soon as it went few inches past her nose. She fell back, terrified, not expecting that at all. Aelidan tracked the arrow and immediately shot a counter one in the darkness, from where is came from. With a difference of a second between two arrow shots, a growl and prolonged distorded gasp echoed in the dark alley. The arrow met the target.