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Osgiliath Campaign: Through tunnels.

‘’We’ve been…outsmarted. It was all a trap, no rangers here. Only bodies. They killed everyone and gathered them around the Dome. Haskel is panicking, I am scared. I wish I co-‘’

At this point ballista bolt hit the cover behind which the group settled to camp. Orcs knew of their presence there, so did not hesitate to try and fire bolt at their location. There was panic all around the group. Arrows started firing from all direction. Faruil was the first one to fall. All Aelidan saw is his motionless, covered with several arrows body plunged backwards, on the ground. Next bold hit. Rocks flying everywhere, dust covers the area. One of the rocks hits Aelidan on the head. Blood, blur, Aelidan’s eyes roll behind eyelids. Last gasp of air before unconscious body follows as well.

‘’Get them out of here! Get them out!’’

Aelidan could still hear Mablung's voice before the vision went bright.


It all started from the point where Aelidan persuaded Mablung, Haskel, Faruil and Callen to follow him into culverts, as he was certain it leads somewhere. The path was quiet, yet it was irritating since no one knew what was awaiting on the other side of the tunnel. Huskel held herself close to Mablung, not willing to drop out or be lost in the darkness. Faruil, on the other hand, took every opportunity to check other tunnels, seeking any relics. Aelidan and Callen  wandered ahead of everyone. The walk was long, the smell was unpleasant. You could still hear sounds of orcs above. However, just when the group entered bit going beneath the bridge – everything went quiet.

‘’Alright, chaps. We do not know what awaits us on the other side. You’ve heard me say that before, now the time has come to try our luck again. Be on your guard.’’

Mablung out of the tunnel first, bow ready to fire nocked arrow. Everyone else slowly followed him, pointing their arrows in different directions. After a few moments, Mablung was shocked. The area was deserted, no orcs present whatsoever. It was either a spark of luck or a…trap. The company resumed walking towards the ruined hall, which still looked magnificent even at the worst of its state.

‘’We take some rest by the camp, we have to check out supplies to see whether we can resume. At least now we know where /this/ path leads to.’’

As Mablung and the rest settled behind one of the blocks by the bridge, Aelidan decided to settle and resume writing and drawing. He mostly used his free time to draw, doodling animals or sketching weapons. He loved sketches, they were truly something he dreamed of but was never able to get. Animals, on the other hand, were something Aelidan had. He recalls his little fox companion. RoaryRoary was unfortunate to die in battle. Many tears crossed Aelidan’s eyes as he had to say the last goodbye to the only true friend he ever had. They have walked together long ways, they’ve been hunting, they’ve been fooling around, they’ve been….doing many things which Aelidan recalled one by one. The only image of his companion he recalls is how it was piked. Just before its death, Aelidan now recalls the last bark Roary gave as spear went through it’s body. After that, not a single other bark. Even now, at the memories of it, Aelidan covers his face to show no sign of sorrow to his companions. He misses his friend. A lot.