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Osgiliath Campaign: Short recovery.

One. Two. Three. Wake up. Blurry vision goes focused again. Above is light, sun shining bright. Aelidan tried to lift his head, but Haskel stopped him. With determination, Aelidan tried his luck over and over again, but Haskel did not let him sit up.

‘’Calm down, calm down. There is not rush. You are not in the great state right, just wait for Mablung to come, alright?’’

Aelidan slowly looked around. Soldiers of Minas Tirith marching. Soldiers? Did they attack already? What happened? Did the messenger arrived in time? Or was Aelidan concussed for a long time? So many questions are unanswered to him. He passed out with hordes of orcs surrounding him and his company, but now wakes up with a completely different scenery. He looked up again. Palace of Eldacar. They are camping at the palace, he supposed. The West side of the bridge. Now some things started making sense, but yet he is lost in what has happened for the past hours or days.

Mablung approached the bed roll with Aelidan lying in it and Haskel babysitting him. Something in his gaze upon Aelidan gave out uncertainty. He looked between both for a while, keeping a moment of silence until it breaks by a brief statement.

‘’Assault is starting.’’

Aelidan still does not get for how long he was asleep. Haskel looked down on him, deciding to tell him everything since Mablung was not talkative at all. She spoke of recent events, how he was hit by the projectile and then thrown away, how him and Faruil fell to the ground and the rest had to drag the out of the fire. What?

‘’Faruil is…dead. He did not survive those wounds. A few moments after you lost consciousness, the counter-fire went towards attacking orcs. Reinforcements started their advancement. You are very lucky to survive, Aelidan. At least we saved one.’’

Now everything was much more clearer. But, something did not match. Why none of rangers heard the advancement? If it was an army of several hundreds marching their direction – how come no one heard anything? Aelidan shook his head, not believing words that were told to him. He started looking around with caution, trying to find answers in his surroundings. Unfortunately, nothing beared an answer for his confusion.

‘’Are you ready to go, Aelidan. Callen, Hardy are already in front rows. We are planning to retake the bridge and move to the East side. I will move now. Haskel, I suggest you wait for Aelidan until he makes up his mind.’’

Mablung’s voice was not….comforting. Again, uncertainty. Despite that, Aelidan decided to take a short break before he tried to stand up. Ouch, the headache. Ranger started wincing, grabbing his head. There was Haskel who supported him, deciding to get a hold of him until he recovers from aching. In a few moments, Aelidan decided to give it a push and stood up, looking for his equipment. He did find anything, his search was interrupted by someone’s shouting in their direction.

‘’Let’s go! Let’s go! If we take the high-ground, we can ambush their counter-attack! To the bridge, you two!’’

Aelidan never seen that person. But he was a ranger as well. He was not alone. There were a big bunch of them running towards the bridge. Aelidan took a deep breath of cold air, looking at Haskel. With a nod to each other, they grabbed first equipment they saw and hurried towards the bridge. Something is going to go down.