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People of Minas Tirith


Founding date 7/5/2015
Goal To protect Minas Tirith and the Steward
Main area of operations Minas Tirith (Kinhouse: Tol Falthui, Himadab, Belfalas)
Kinship type Man

Gondor has an alliance with Rohan; however, the individuals of Minas Tirith have their own alliances depending on each person.


All sorts of criminals and delinquents who cause problems amoung the city. As well as the Haradrim and those who serve the Iron Crown. Anyone found consorting with these type will be tried for treason. (Note: Characters of this sort can and are encouraged to be played)

Kinship status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)

Eglanien, Lheinel, Bregdys, and Landrem


Hail, Men of Gondor! Welcome to People of Minas Tirith. We are a heavy-roleplay, Minas Tirith-based, Gondor-only kinship aimed at bringing the many facets of Gondor's culture to life. Where Tolkien has not elaborated, we fill the gaps with details from his real-life influences—namely Byzantium—tempered by knowledge of Minas Tirith as it is in the books. We strive to paint Gondor as it could have been and to immerse our members into its bustling capital city.

Our ultimate aim is to play off of the culture of Gondor with characters whose development drives the roleplay of Minas Tirith with the collective effort of all our members, from the kinship leader to the newest recruit. We strive to create a dynamic setting including multiple concurrent story arcs featuring characters from all walks of life, developed by all members through both impromptu RP and organised official events. When joining the kinship, both members and officers are equally free to create their own events as long as there is support from both other members and our established lore for the event. These range in size from large public events open to all and advertised on the Laurelin Archives to smaller private events centered around a few characters by themselves. Events are often discussed between kinmembers and kinship associates in places such as our forums, in-game channels, or our Discord server.

Though with each coming day the realm of Gondor wanes and the Dark Lord's forces grow in strength, the White City remains unblemished in the year T.A. 3015, its affairs largely those of its citizens rather than the fight against the Enemy. Despite the watchful eye of Minas Tirith's garrison, tension between the tiers leads to minor strife over class lines. Yet for the most part, the city continues as it always has. Farmers and other common men serve their masters; scholars study; soldiers drill; lords rule. 

Children are born unto an uncertain future, lovers are married in a tenuous peace, and good men are buried before they are called.

Please feel free to join our:

Discord Server  (

In-game Channel (/joinchannel whitetree)


High Command:

High Captain: The first and foremost duty of the High Captain is to keep order and organisation amongst the reserves, from the initiates to the First Sergeant. Expected to be highly skilled, he must have experience and intelligence to fill this strenuous position. Currently, Eglanien serves as High Captain.

First Sergeant: The First Sergeant is only second to the First Captain. Expected to work with the first in command but also take direct orders and present them to all those in the ranks. They are the commanding force and the main recruiting officer but also allocate each soldier to their position and present promotions. 

First Lieutenant: The First Lieutenant is equal only to the First Warden and First Sergeant but still answers to the Captain. They are vastly skilled and are the main driving force of the training grounds and keep routines of the soldiers. They also conduct evaluations which can then be considered for a promotion. 

First Warden: The First Warden makes up the last of the high command. They are in charge of keeping the men in line, delivering swift and just punishments and general order amongst the ranks. Generally they deal with quelling the public and organizing control.  Currently, Landrem serves as First Warden.



The overseers are the true officership of the main force. They work with the men in their duty on the field and in patrols yet keep them in line and have higher authority over them. The men below take orders from the overseers and keep their heads down; hoping to one day join them in superiority. They are compromised mostly of experienced, seasoned warriors and highly intelligent soldiers or very loyal and dedicated men.


Militiants are the main force of the reserves. They are compromise exclusively of men and serve undulatingly under their superiors. They are usually equipped with standard equipment; heavy-duty armour, a spear, a longsword and a shield, however it varies.


Nobility is the wealthiest and the most prestigious of Gondor.  With proper breeding, strong source of education, and respectable heritage, nobles are the proud privileged in Minas Tirith.  Refer to our officer Lheinel if you are interested in Noble RP.


Commoners are the commonfolk of Gondor who live in Minas Tirith.  This includes maidens, hunters, chefs, blacksmiths, and so on.  They are expected to respect the High Command, but otherwise are not expected to take orders from the military.  Depending on the career, weaponry and garb varies with this group.  However, most are probably not wealthy enough or are in need of heavy armor, shields, or speciality weapons.  But that depends on the individual.


Map of Minas Tirith


Area 1 - In Character
1.1 No meta-gaming.
1.2 No lore-breaking. (It may be allowed in certain circumstances if discussed and is reasonable for the setting.)
1.3 No god-emoting.
1.4 No trolling or griefing OOC.
1.5 Roleplay of an adult nature is allowed in a public setting, albeit only suggestive. Anything further must be taken to a private area and/or setting as to not make others uncomfortable.
1.6 Fighting In-Character can either be done by discussing it OOCly with the other participant(s) and dealing with it fairly or by rolling.
1.7 In-Charater promotions will be given when an officer sees it fit or there's a vacancy that needs to be filled. 

Area 2 - Out Of Character
2.1 Avoid all OOC drama and conflict if it doesn't include you.
2.2 All OOC conflict must be solved in private chat or otherwise it will be taken up by an officer to sort the dispute.
2.3 Be careful when saying or quoting anything offensive, racist, homophobic, or sexist comment in a joking manner and respect all requests to refrain from any particular topics/comments.
2.4 This is an LGBTQ friendly environment in the OOC channels and any prejudices (not including 
IC prejudices) will not be tolerated.  
2.5 OOC promotions will be given to those who other officers or the Kinship leader sees fit.

2.6 Those under the age of 16 are prohibited from joining the kin unless you have an OOC recommendation from an already current kinmember.

Area 3 - Norms and Ideas
3.1 Keep your mind open when creating your character and remember to have fun with adding dynamics so long as it fits the lore and culture of Gondor.  If you are uncertain of what would or wouldn't fit or need inspiration, feel free to speak to anyone in the kin or check out our kin website's research forumn.  If you need help naming your character, follow this link for aid in finding Sindarin names. 
3.2 Respect the IC culture.
Gondor does not have the same cultural mindsets as modern day so patriarchy, sexism, classism, and so on might become apparent during rp. This is to keep the realism of the setting.  Keep that in mind while roleplaying and while creating your character.
3.3 Understand although it is not against the rules, roleplaying a female within the garrison will be difficult and may not be kindly looked upon by other soldiers during RP. Make sure you have a strong back story to support this decisions. 
3.4 The most important thing, be happy and have fun. That is what RP is about, right?
3.5 We highly encourage you to join our Discord Channel. It is very informal and we enjoy having fun one another, so participation in the Discord Channel is very enjoyable. The joining link is  This is open to anyone in or wishing to be affiliated with the kin or generally curious to see our community.  Also we have an in-game channel whitetree we encourage anyone interested in Gondorians join.  You do not have to be a member of the kin to join either of these, just someone interested in our community.
3.6 Any conflicts with other roleplayers would be best to kept private if you can settle it on your own. If you struggle with solving the conflict alone, then contact an officer. But please do not let it affect other kinmembers or RP. This cannot be stressed more, but keep OOC and IC conflicts separate at all costs.

Other Rule Notes: Remember all IC comments are strictly IC. So do not take any IC verbal attacks or insults to your character personally and please understand that  this mindset does not reflect the roleplayer. This applies to anyone choosing to affiliate themselves with the kin whether by joining or merely roleplaying as an outsider.  Thank you. 

OOC Notes: Due note that our timeline for the kin is approximately the year of 3015 which is set approximately​ three years before the game's own timeline.  Are you concerned about RPing in Gondor?  We try to allow for all opportunities of RP for lower levels.  You can spend MC to come to MT and plant your char, RP at our kinhouse for free, or join us on our Discord server for more RP.  You do not have to be a high level to partake in our RP.  If you have any additional questions, please message any member of the kin or join our Discord sever.  If you are interested in joining, message Eglanien, Landrem, Bregdysor Lheinel in-game or on LA.  If any issues are ever experienced with our members, please notify an officer.  Thank you for your time.  Also the lovely artwork comes from Tindarien and MagusVerus.




Aedren Aedren Haeldeth Man
Bregdys Bregdys (Breg) of Minas Tirith Man
Daengar Daengar Man
Eglanien Eglanion (Lance) Man
Eredhwein Maid Eredhwein Man
Landrem Landrem the Younger Man
Lheinel Lheinel, daughter of Aglaron Man
Meliorwen Meliorwen Man
Ormidhel Ormidhel, "The Silken Lady" Man
Rathel Rathel Morent Man

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