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Tholorast Chordsmith


High ranking officer of the Watch.

AgeTholorast is in his fourties.
ResidenceTholorast has a home in Goldstoke, Bree.

The Bree Watch

Outward Appearance

The first feature of Tholorast you may notice is his grotesquely long beard, hanging down his soft-boned face. He claims never to have taken a razor to his cheek, and claims to have been growing it since he was fifteen. (PSA: As of the 19th day and the 10th month  of 2014, Tholorast's beard has been trimmed.)


When speaking with Tholorast, his attractiveness is of no concern. He is not handsome, yet isn't a sore sight either.


He is very slim, and usually wears a simple, off-green leather garment. Along a distinctive, recognisable brown cap. He blames his lack of muscle on his years of running-- whether from his job as a courier when he was young, or when being chased by neighbours whom he loved to annoy.


He is a man of his work- he does exactly what his job tells him to, no matter the morality of it. He will do whatever he is asked to in any way he can, yet since he has not a pinch of evilness in him, he can be trusted.


Tholorast Chordsmith, whose surname was given to him by locals in Combe where he grew up, was a bard. He had compiled a book full of hundreds of songs and ballads, many of which he had composed himself-- hence Chord smith. He had neglected his life of music when he joined the Watch at a wee 19 years of age.

He lives life as a minimalist. He desires not castles and mansions, but only for him to make a comfortable living for exactly that-- comfort, and nothing more.

Although Tholorast's life is quite unfortunate, in that his upbringing was poor, his rhetoric makes up for it.  

Yet his misfortune didn't stop him from marrying his childhood sweetheart, a beautiful girl named Nylee, who he grew up with-- their hearts always in mutual attraction, yet without the courage to further advance the relationship. Their relationship continues as happily as ever, with two children succeeding them.


((I'm also a bard in real life -- check out my soundcloud :D ))




He is mighty friendly with all- yet as a family man, he considers not many people outside his family close to him.


His wife, Nylee Chordsmith. A son, Wenford Thomas, and a daughter, Cheyse Michelle.


His only rivals are the low-quality bards that The Prancing Pony always seems to hire. Why stoop down to such low standards, Barliman?


Music. Solemnity. Drama. Working.


Pompous rich folk!


To live happily ever after.


"Alright, then."

Tholorast's Adventures

Tholorast's Adventures

Tholorast's Gallery

Tholorast's Gallery