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Recruitment form - Deckard Draves Shaw



Full Name                                                                                 Father's full name
Deckard Draves Shaw                                                             James Edward Shaw

                                                                                                  Mother's maiden name
                                                                                                  Magdalene Rosewell


Place of Birth
North Bree

Current residence
Village of Goldstoke, Bree

Health score, at a glance (0-100)
Looks to be hardened by battle. Wide frame, almost taller than Chordsmith.


Skills and experience
Ex-militia. Strong arm, already extremely experienced in weaponry and combat.




By enlisting in the Watch, you swear your unconditional loyalty to Bree-town, her laws, and her officials. You recognize that you are not above the law, but you are hired to represent it to the best of your abilities. You understand that you are held to a higher moral standard than many, and expected to abide by the laws of Bree to the fullest. You are obligated to do what is morally correct, and lawfully accurate to the best of your abilities. You are enlisted to protect the people of Bree from those who may wish them harm, and you understand that there is a high responsibility upon those enlisted to enact this task. You understand that you are not to consume anything that may inhibit your ability to make decisions whilst you are on-duty, including all types of alcohol.If you fail to act in accordance with the law, or break any of the policies necessary to be a watcher, you are subject to immediate termination without prior notice. 

                                                  - Officer's signature


                Deckard Draves Shaw                         -   Recruit's Signature