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The Bree Watch

Founding date 10/11/2014
Goal To properly defend Bree-land from local brigands, thieves, and other miscreants.
Main area of operations Bree-town, in certain circumstances, Combe, Staddle, Archet, and the surrounding woodland areas.
Kinship type Man

Any who count themselves among the lawful.


The Unlawful, shady, or generally uncooperative.

Kinship status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)

Brigwald, Nessya, Geoffin. Cyrril, Corrben, Penham


The Rules

Alright, let’s run this watch proper. I have seen time and time again, organizations like these collapse under their own weight, and I believe that I know what it might know a thing or two about what it will take to keep our men in one piece, and our organization intact.

  1. Keep your uniform proper, and up kept. If it is damaged, get it fixed, if it is dirty, clean it.
  2. To be respected, you must look respectable. Men must have beards cut down to a reasonable length, nothing that comes down to your gut. Hair must be at least kept groomed, nothing wild.
  3. The watch is a Shield, before it is a sword. Our purpose is first and foremost to defend the people of Bree from harm that may come to them. Only is harm to be dealt when it is deemed absolutely necessary.
  4. You are the law, but you are not above it. The title of ‘watcher’ is easily earned, but not so easily kept. By taking this job, you are expected to be more, morally upright than the common man. A petty crime can result in suspension, or even termination, as well as standard prison sentencing.
  5. Maintain a good reputation. The watch cannot be associated with folk who are enormously disliked, or of questionable morals. If the honest folk of Bree don’t like you, then I don’t like you.
  6. Be honest. The purpose of this job is to be certain the right person is put away. If evidence suggests that they may be innocent, do not hold them indefinitely. Especially, do not hide, or dispose of evidence to make a conviction. We want the right people going away!
  7. Treat your superiors, AND your juniors with respect. You can not expect to be respected, if you do not show respect. Obviously you do not talk back to your superiors, but it is also important that those below you in the chain of command are not belittled. No one likes to be embarrassed, or talked down to. This does not mea an officer cannot make orders direct and curt whenever necessary, but shouting for no good reason cannot be tolerated.

((These rules apply OOC and IC))

New Recruit Policies

Recruiting is a specific, and detailed process. If something seems off about the person, say no.

  1. All Recruits must be Breeish. If the person is foreign to our law, customs, and land, they cannot be trusted to properly uphold it. People from Combe, Staddle, Archet, Bree-town, and Trestlebridge under certain circumstances, can be recruited.
  2. Literacy. All recruits must know how to read, and write. It is possible to recruit under the condition that they learn these skills whilst among the watch, but until they do their stay is probationary.
  3. Health. New recruits must be in reasonable physical condition. Missing an eye, is no grounds for rejection… Missing a leg, is another story.
  4. Clean record. Every crook and killer in Bree has a file somewhere. Make sure that none of these can be traced to the recruit in the slightest, as a criminal cannot be trusted to uphold the law. Minor offenses like a one-time brawl, or drunken instance, can be overlooked in certain circumstances.
  5. Men and Hobbits. No pointy eared folk, or stocky bearded folk. We know they aren’t Bree-landish.
  6. Skill at arms. Bree-town is not a war torn place, and thus, it is not expected for master bladesman, marksman, or shield wardens to be ripe for the picking. However, it is highly recommended that the recruit have some sort of familiarity with at least one weapon. Be it recreational archery, or anything similar. This is not required, but it is recommended.
  7. Sign up Sheet. All new members must be interviewed by an officer, using the standard  Recruitment Form, and have an officer's signature. (No longer required if recruited by a senior officer)


Watchers are paid every other Thursday

  • Recruits: 30 silver
  • Constables: 50 Silver 
  • Officers: 75 Silver
  • Senior officers: 90 Silver 
  • Captain: 100 Silver 


The uniform consists of the following:

  • An Umber watcher's Hauberk, with a chain coat underneath.
  • A set of padded leather boots, or something similar and durable.
  • Either a wardens pack, carrying satchel, or quiver, depending on preference (Optional)
  • Officers are permitted to wear a special uniform, given upon receiving such a rank.
  • Shoulder wear is not required, but any scarves or shawls in your possession are allowed.
  • Bracers/gloves of some kind are not provided, but more than welcome.  
  • Jewelry, and other accessories, are permitted, but to be kept minimal.


Out Of Character information that necessitates being said.

A few changes are being made for the sake of, ultimately, immersion, and simplicity.

We accept characters with a pre-established watch background in as constables (Much like you would say in your bio "Breelanders can recognize me on sight" we do the same) in order to make recruiting simpler, going through the early period of being a watcher less difficult, and to add folk with more IC experience among the roster, rather than just having two dozen recruits wandering around.

If anyone would like to join with a pre-established watcher, please contact me directly, either In game, or on the Laurelin Archives.



Aellwenn Aellwenn Estellin, The Forgotten Man
Brigwald Brigwald "Stoneheart" Man
Rhyva Rhyva Annabelle Redwood. "Red" Man

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Images by Members