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Cheyse Michelle Chordsmith


Currently unemployed, seeking work as a bard, or actress.

AgeYoung Adult
ResidenceA loft, somewhere in the lower-middle class area of Bree

The Hedge Witches

Outward Appearance

How many ways can you say, normal?

Average, plain, indifferent, common, usual.. Normal


Standing two inches above six feet high, is Cheyse Michelle. An otherwise, not overwhelmingly different person than everyone else. Her eyes are a dark chocolate brown, and lightly slanted, a bit narrow, giving her a somewhat exotic appearance. Her hair, is just above shoulder length, usually tied back; dark, dark umber, almost ebony. Her attire, like her hair color, is common. She does not wear fancy silks of high wealth, nor the tattered rags of the beggars. No, she is dressed in clothing rather typical for the common folk of Bree - single layered cotton shirts, wool, or linen.


Scars and marks

Though she has no glorious battle scars, she has managed to ding herself up over the years.

-Her left elbow has a very aged scar on it, the skin on the very tip of her elbow is slightly discolored, and a little less firm than the rest of her body. This however, is hardly noticeable.

-There is a small scar near the previous, acquired during a widdling accident.

-She has a small mole on her left arm. It has been there since birth.



Cheyse has a solid amount of quirks, that would make her stand out amongst other people.

-She cannot sit still. If in a seated position, her leg will usually bounce up and down uncontrollably, in bed, her feet will tap restlessly.

-She chews off her fingernails, constantly.

-When frustrated, she has a tendency to handle it, very poorly. She becomes very, passive aggressive. 

-She almost always tips local bards, unless they do a horrible job, or have way more money than her.

-She doesn't like wearing hats. At all. She will only wear a hat as a joke, and this may only last a few seconds.

-Speaking of acts of self harm make her very uncomfortable. Witnessing it would likely make her faint. 



Growing up


Cheyse's life prior to adulthood was not one rich with mischief, and adventure. No trauma, or horror. Her father, was a fair man, and her mother a kind hearted woman. She grew up with both parents, and her younger brother Wenford. 

Through the bulk of adolescence, she did not completely get along with her younger sibling, frequenting in verbal spats, ultimately resolved by both children being punished, and sent to their rooms. Nothing more harsh was administered, such as corporal punishment, or extensive detention. 

Cheyse grew up well, with little to no deviation into the life of the sinister. She has hardly ever harmed another person beyond a playful punch in the arm, nor has she raised her temper to a stranger. Though, there did sprout issues with a few of the other children her age back then - As her father was a watchman through her entire youth, this turned around to result in a fair bit of teasing. As children get older, they grow more creative, and sometimes more violent. There were a few times when she was struck, or berated by other youths, to which she almost never retaliated. This eventually shaped her into the generally submissive person she is, with a few catches.  


Early Teenage years

A few of the most confusing and stressful times in Cheyse's life occurred in the years of her mid to late adolescence. She grew fond of music early on, but didn't start playing until she was around fifteen. She would gradually hone her newfound skill throughout the years, growing not quite to a level of mastery, but good enough to play alongside them.

It was at the same time she met her first 'love', a boy called Keenan (Samuel, was his real name. But he went by this odd nickname for unknown reasons). He is a year her senior, and throughout their year and a half long, hormone ridden and confusing courtship, he was guilty of cheating on countless occasions, issuing harsh threats, and other mentally scarring acts of betrayal that would eventually invoke prominent trust issues in the Cheyse. 

The bullying from her early childhood started to die out, when she outgrew them all. Height wise, that is. The average local is a head lower than Cheyse, which she has a love-hate affinity towards. Being able to reach high things, see over people, and put on more weight without people noticing, is good. Hitting her head on doorways, having to give people awkward angled hugs, and not being able to touch her toes, is not good. But being a little intimidating isn't that bad, when you have to deal with people who would be verbally aggressive otherwise.



As of Recent

Fully grown, living on her own, and poor as a toddler's first drawing, Cheyse is a common face at the inn, and the market square. She has become a little known, as a local minstrel, especially after taking lessons from master musician Brinhelm. She seems outwardly happy, and is ready to talk to just about anyone she comes into contact with - She does flirt at times, but it would be considered either too blunt, or awkward.


The Usual Biography

General Alignment: Cheyse would fall under the category of Lawful Good, though, she's fond of pretending she's more devious than she really is. She is the type of person to hold open the door for her elders, help hobbits reach things from high places, or aid in carrying things she has trouble lifting, just for the sake of kindness.

Religious Affiliation: Being rather unlearned in the area of religion, the valar, or any of the standard deities, Cheyse doesn't find belief of anything spiritual necessary, or even relevant. Whatever happens, happens.

Political Affiliation: Never one to break the law, she has a healthy respect for the watch, the village council, and the outward politics of the village. However, she does understand that there are some parts of politics that will be corrupt, and little can do to change it. But, you have to take the good with the bad.

Languages Known: Westron. She's from Bree, and hardly been away from Bree, why would she speak another language?

Education Level: She is not well learned in much beyond Bree, and its own little history. She can read and write, and read sheet music. 

Equipment carried: Since the dwarf Grogol broke her old harp, she has obtained a new one. A rather high dollar one, at that. The only way she was able to afford it was by a generous donation. The harp is a dark wood, with intricate embroideries along the frame. Very rarely is she armed, but when she is, she would have only a dagger of medium size, in a solid sheath that rests sometimes at her lower back. This knife has seen many more slices of steak, and unopened letters, than it has foes.

Combat experience: To say 'none' would be a lie, but to imply she's a master in the martial arts would be an even bigger one. Cheyse was not a very popular girl, growing up (Due to her father being a watcher), and received a lot of harassment, some a bit violent. She was rather passive about it, up until the age of fourteen, when she ended up shoving a boy off of a stage, and through a bench. She was in a few more quarrels growing up, but the teasing ultimately stopped when she became taller than everyone else, at around seventeen.

Character qualities:

-Quite generous, even with little to spare, she's been known to give up even her last coin just to leave a decent tip to a half-decent bard.

-She is a deep, insightful thinker, who processes topics like life and death, purpose, and potential with an advanced philosophical level.

-She is usually very passive, and good hearted.

-She is very creative, sometimes fabricating scenarios in her mind that will either turn out to be way off from reality, or hauntingly clairvoyant. Either way, such utterings make for great stories.

Special skillsCheyse is a talented harpist, and a semi-talented Theoborist (is that's even a word..) She has a talent for improvised acting, and uses such to her advantage whilst working as a salesperson.

Occupation: Her main source of income is selling jewelry, and apparel at Lalia's Market. However, she would love to make a career out of music, she finds the goal unlikely, and hardly peruses music for any reason beyond her own enjoyment.

Character Flaws:

-Exceptionally low self esteem. Cheyse doesn't think highly of herself, likely a side effect of adolescent ridicule. She takes jokes of her appearance, talent, apparel, or anything similar to heart quickly, and purposefully pushed insults in moreso.  

-Trust issues. Though she is quite friendly towards people, she hardly trusts anyone in a romantic relationship. She does not think everyone is a cheater, but she does believe anyone interested in her, is. 

Neurotic/Passive aggressive. Lacking the need to provoke violence, is good. However, she vents frustration for other people by being underlyingly rude, and later bitter. Once a vendetta against someone is established, she tends to turn towards a sour mood at the sight of them, and retain it until they're no longer about.    




Her Mentor, Brinhelm. She enjoys performing with Amoryl. She makes friends rather easily, and has several others.


Father, Tholorast Chordsmith. Brother, Wenford Thomas Chordsmith. Mother, Nylee Chordsmith


Her Landlord


Music, the Harp, mild climate, the feeling after a hard day of work, social interaction. Amoryl


Those who are disrespectful.


To spread mirth through music.. Or at least make enough money to live off of for a while.


"There is no purer joy, than music."

Cheyse's Adventures

Cheyse's Adventures

Cheyse's Gallery

Cheyse's Gallery