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Blackboot and his Gang

Tholorast ends his patrol by signing off, then reclining in his favourite chair. He reaches into his pocket to unravel the latest letter, sent to him by a courier from Combe.

To the Bree Town Watch,

I write to you today under the most unfortunate of circumstances, something horrendous! Something that must not go unpunished, to say the least! 

Just when we had thought he had gone, dead and hanged I wished for, he returned! None other than Blackboot, the old cobbler from Combe who had left to go strike deals with the squint eyed southerners, and Blackwolds no doubt!

It was only a few days ago now, though him along with his band of ruffians came into my fields and stole not one. Not two, but three of my sheep, and later on when I caught a glimpse of him returning he was wearing a new woolen scarf around his neck!

Sheep stealing cannot go unpunished, Master Watchers, please-- I beg of you to have this man dealt with immediately, even if that means put a bounty upon his head! 

Kind regards,
Smith Nettle, of Archet

Blackboot. Stealing three sheep and clothing. Ties to Blackwolds. Gang of ruffians. This is no good at all.