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A witness report - the Woman in Black

Tholorast reclined in his favourite spot in the Watcher's Stead down in Hayncrest. Surrounding him, tables full of meals, kegs full of ale and books aplenty. He unraveled the letter he received by raven.


I had encountered a crime scene from inside the pony, where at least almost a dozen people were gathered in shock of a body. The masked woman on the floor was still breathing mind you, and tried to kill another man in leather armor.  Before I brought her in, the same man and the elf maiden Cesistya reported the matter to Miss Dawn Appledore, to which you may inquire further about.  I had went there as well in hopes of finding a member of the Watch for a moment of time.  In any case, the woman in black is locked up in a cell on the women's wing of the jail.                  

   - With regards,        

"Hmm. Interesting, morbid, and yet so confusing. Can this be tied to recent attacks by foreigners? Is this targeted? Can we relate this to the case of the missing girl recently? I must contact this, Cesistya." Chordsmith's mind spoke.