The Stonecrop Herald: Issue 1

News from around the Shire and soon all the world.



A Reason To Change

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

The cupboards and shelves were nearly empty once again...the same condition as Matt's pockets.

She had nearly gone through the money Papa had set aside before his death, though she'd been careful. It had been years since their deaths, and Matt had only come into contact with other beings when she needed to buy food, or other such things.

Hard work in the late summer

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Work..I do enjoy that, even if its not any contract from the Cap'n..this time its works from the others in the company and outside it, needing tings made, an armour for example for Kat..strong but yet flexible..hmm that would turn out to be a challange but I made it, just hope she will be happy with it..if you dont have met Kat before I can describe her as one of those that would crush the life out of you if angerd, enough about that, Kat's a friend and a good one too so I know she will appriciate the work..

Dalish Tailor Storytime


A basic 'life and times' chronicle for who seems to be Bree's favorite Dalish Tailor. 

Silvest in her many outfits of work and play!

What type of content is this?: 
Artwork: Artscreen

From Left to Right:

Silvest in her evening attire.

Silvest in her daily attire.

Silvest in her traveling attire.


She always wears a circlet of some kind.. She has many neatly stacked in a small chest.

A poster nailed to posts and boards across Bree

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Artwork: Drawing

This poster is nailed to boards and posts across Breeland.

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