The Stonecrop Herald: Issue 1

News from around the Shire and soon all the world.



Hullo! This is your neighbour Runderic Burrows and I am here to bring you the latest news from the Shire and beyond! This is the start of the new month and it’s already been a little than two weeks that the Farmer’s Faire has ended. Did you enjoy it? I sure did. I travelled all over the Shire to see how did it go and the goods that our farmers produced. They were all tasty! Especially the new variety of pears from the South Farthing, it’s not only the pipeweed there, it’s also the pears, do try them! Now, let’s see what happened during and after the faire.


This year’s angling competition winner is a Dwarf from Thorin’s Gate, Imir, and he caught a huge Speckled Trout, it is as long as a Hobbit and thick as the Dwarf’s leg. Gerd Whitfoot has hung it in the Green Dragon for all to see. Until next year that is, when we will have a new winner. Farmer Sandson on the other side is still looking for his four main hens who somehow escaped during the faire, the reward is sixty copper coins for whomever brings them back, plus a chicken and mushroom pie for each hen. A pretty good deal if you ask me!


Now on to more recent news, aside from looking for his hens Farmer Sandson is also hiring hands for all October. He is starting to wean this year’s calves and stable them as the temperature drops. The sheep’s wool around the tail will be clipped too as the mating season is coming. If you want to get a nice scarf made of sheep wool now is the time to place your orders with Buttercup Grubb at Michel Delving and Ernald Boffin at Stock! Let’s not forget that this time of year we cut the hedges and our Shire has a lot of them. Mayor Will Whitfoot is looking for anyone who might want to undertake the task. It will start in Michel Delving and proceed North and East. The pay is good, work from dawn till dusk for twenty coppers a day and lodgings at the local inn. And let’s not forget that potatoes are to be harvested and the winter’s wheat to be drilled. There is plenty of work as we wait for the winter.


If you, dear reader, want to say something or you want to show something to our community come find me for an interview and I will make sure that it will be published with the next issue. Everyone will know of your deeds, or concerns, or whatever you want to say.




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