A Leatherbound Journal: 23-27 Wintring

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23 Wintring

A Leatherbound Journal: 17 Harvestmath

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It's been nearly a week since Hutwig disappeared. I'm extremely worried as I've found no trace of him since the day he vanished from the field. I had been in the house most of the day, since Gram was not feeling well and needed help. When I went to call Twiggy in for supper, as he would never come on his own, he was gone.

Farm girl

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Today was a beautiful day out and, smiling cheerfully to herself, Immalaine went out to tend her fields. Now, to some the act of growing crops and harvesting them was a tedious chore at best. To her however, it was a chance to relax, contemplate and be at peace. On this particular day, she was doing a bit of all three.

Life of Tending Grain...


This is the recordings of Lavenwise Lillyfold, on her new life in Rohan ... Life of Tending Grains ... 

The Joy of Tilled Earth

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There's true joy in seeing a field growing into sweet smelling flowers, fine tasting vegetables and yellow healthy crops.

No matter how much evil has been done to these lands, the blessing of Yavanna lives on and the Earth is reborn every season.

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