A New Normality

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The balmy elements kindled an aura of steadiness, albeit fleeting, that the Maiden bathed within. Exposed to the scorching beams of sunlight, the tawny pigmentation accumulated more prominently across her nose and cheeks, whilst her skin embraced a healthy glow that had been absent for a time. Leaving the torment and torture of Bree was previously a decision she abhorred, yet as she relished in the seclusion and peace of her own company and convictions, it soon matured to a decision she exceedingly adored.

Bear and Barrel

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A relatively quiet evening was spent in the company of Rhiya and Jegauer - within the confines of Ashforde's local tavern; conversations and arguments shared over the medium of a fine red to the elder man's liking.

The Town

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Sabela knew why Trestlebridge had never been as vibrant as Bree. It wasn’t just orcs. The town itself was poorly laid, crammed into the outcrop at the edge of the Brandy Hills. Most of the wind came from the north across the Fornost plains where a great, creaking wood had in ancient days stemmed the breeze. Now, the land barren, there was no shelter from the gusts that swept down from the higher hills of Evendim and Forochel’s frozen steppes.

The Village of Ashforde


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The habitual amble to her estate, which she cherished for its tranquil and serene vicnity, had matured to a brisk and bitter march on this particular evening. An untameable vexation annihilating the trial that she used o take her away from her taxing milieu, as a result of the devlish fangs that struck her. Was it an ambush that she deserved? She had never been one to restrict the callous persona that could devour her sense of reason, yet she was stunned by the venom that was project by him.

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