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Clad in Black

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Theft! Called away from his time off duty, Constable Bericoft Fairburn follows young Watcher Kenton to the Bree-town vaults where there has been a robbery. The suspect, having used some form of smoke pellet to blind those inside, managed to brute-force his way into the vault and steal nearly a fifth of the coin stored within.


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A piercing scream rattled the night, coursing through the winds of the Northern Bree Fields. Of course, being the man he was, Mortermon followed it. He had made a vow afterall.

I will fall for this town,

I will fall for its citizens,

I will fall for my love,

And I will fall

      so that these walls never do.

He kept this solemn vow in mind as he rode Friga, his faithful bay mare, to investigate the blood-curdling scream.

Letter of Resignation - G. Townsend

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Official Document


Missing Person/Theft Report - Written By Constable G. Townsend, Signed By Constable A. Welstan

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Officers: Constable G. Townsend, Constable A. Welstan
Day: Thursday
Case Type: Missing Person/Theft
Victims: Mithgar, Scholar and Maester of Gondor, Lython of Gondor

Some report I don't even remember taking down last night... (Report Not Filed)

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King Duimbeth

Cow slain

Hay, stables twenty-six

Murder 11 nights ago

Carcass behind the Pony

The king speculates the cow was given bad grass

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