Joy Roseberry

Name Joy
Tailer, Mother and Barmaid in the Prancing Pony
Reaching her late twenties
Bree, Wodecrag.
Outward Appearance

Fair and pale of skin but with a lasting healthy glow, Joy’s appearance at first sight is similar to most born in the lands of Bree. Her hair, dark and black in colour is worn long with soft ringlets framing her face. Her rather large eyes seem not far from the colour of her hair, so deep a brown they appear almost black. She is quite petite in frame due to her being rushed off her feet at work and missing many a meal. Of ordinary height for a woman of one of her kin, she can be seen nearly always in dresses and a shawl, if seen in anything but, no doubt she’s been pulling a keg or two round the inn.



                                     Ada Ferngrove                  Dirk Roseberry

                                 (deceased age 50)          (deceased age 31)

 Well, the thing about Joy is see, she can talk fair and good and, if I daresay, after a few ales you'll have a hard time shutting her up. Thankfully though, that lass is usually too busy pouring the ales for others to get one for herself; doesn't stop her questioning, mind.  Heh, like all good folk she can tell the new'uns from the ol', and she probes them with questions. Though I get the feeling it's more then suspicion and curiosity.

That lass has always had an odd glint in her eye, like she's searching for something, something new or some such. Always loved her tales too. So aye, she's real fond of those... err... well, hm, new folk coming in, ye know... with their fancy tales, long winded accounts of some deed or other and mostly of distant lands... what they look like and so forth. Traveller sorts, ye know. Not all have been brought up like her though, mind you. Many hardships have fallen on the paths of those Roseberry's, and that lass has worked fair hard all o'her life. That Ada saw to that she did. Quiet and reclusive they could be though, not like our lot... I don't think Joy ever quite took all those traits from her ma and pa... hence her speaking such a lot! Heh! But... er.. she took a fair few.

I do believe, those who do manage to befriend her still say she can be a mystery at times. Keeps herself to herself. Always there for others first and she comes last in the pecking order, if at all. That's the only way she'd have it. Aye.

Aye, she's a good lass she is. Keeps her manners, respectable and heh, always brings my ale on time.  

Most patrons to the inn.
Cousin:- Al Ferngrove (unknown to Joy) Spouse:- Drandr Son - Hjortr Dirk Roseberry
Drandr, music, books, ale and a good natter.
Weapons, thieves, heights.
Family and kin
"Oh deary me..." and "Thank ye kindly..."

Joy's Adventures

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Joy's Adventures

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Joy's Gallery