Of Family, continued.

Perhaps it was the sheer length of time she had spent here, or rather; the amount she had spent pouring over endless repetitive entries in numerous binds; but these four walls had started to encroach, in a rather annoying fashion.

She had spent hours, nay, days... or rather, if one would care to count such accuracies, weeks and many a moon looking through these books and scrolls – and yet, it was only recently that something more profound had become of note. It had re-kindled her desire to resume the apparent search, and thus many things were cast aside as she frequented the archives and returned to the homesteads to simply... read.

Alas it had only entered the fore after she pulled her love, her husband, into the fray of investigation; if only to ease his mind of grief and burdening thoughts, though alas in doing so she had grown her own. One blank space on a page where there shouldn’t have been... amongst a line of histories and ancestry. All of which was needed to start a web of curiosity and intrigue; amongst purely wild and ridiculous reasoning’s.

Though the pieces must be put into place, aye? And thus, she shall continue becoming frustrated by these four walls as she searches; though to what end? Perhaps for the simple notion of knowing, and to quell the uncalled for nausea and out of the ordinary feelings making themselves apparent in the depths of her stomach.