Name Varnefindil
Outward Appearance

He’s a tall noldo, graced with dark, almost black hair that is thick and yet soft to touch and completely straight when in it’s natural state. That, however, is a rare occurrence seeing as Varnëfindil takes great pride in the hairstyles he is a master of and always wears some of his creations on his own head.

He is well built though not excessively muscular. He has a narrow waist as well as shoulder’s and hips, giving him a slender silhouette that he emphasizes with his choice of clothing. He dresses richly, in best fabrics, liking especially darker colours - blues, greens and purples with silver or gold accents. He is fond of jewellery and wears it almost every day in decorous amounts.

His features are those typical of a noldorin elf - high forehead, long, straight nose and narrow lips. High and accented cheekbones, slightly hollow cheeks and a narrow chin with a fine line of the jaw. His eyes are almost as dark as his hair but the fire of his spirit shows in them. He is known for painting his face with intricate make-up though he does not do so on a daily basis.

In the Third Age, he walks with a limp and often with a help of a cane.



He was born to a pair of Noldorin elves who took part in the Great Journey and then settled in Tirion. His mother served in Finwe’s palace, at first as one Miriel’s maids and later as one of the king’s servants. His father was an artist, a musician and a painter although of mediocre skill, which later made him give up the arts and become a soldier in the king’s army.

Varnëfindil has no brothers or sisters, but he has two younger cousins form his mother’s side of the family.


First Age:

Varnëfindil was born in Tirion, in the year 1256 of the Years of the Trees. This name was given to him by his father according to the tradition. His mother, however, with the gift of foresight at the hour of birth, chose for him another name, one that would foretell his skill - Tanwëmá.

He grew up happily in the golden age of the Noldor. In the blessed realm, under the reign of king Finwe when society prospered and all kinds of arts and crafts flourished. Though not born into a noble family, he received education and it was during that time that his talent was noticed by skilled masters. After finishing basic education he began apprenticeship with one of the painters as suggested by his father. However, he only trained there for a few years, deciding it was not what he wanted to pursue. His true passion he found in the subtle art of hair braiding. Though a commons skill among the eldar, only few trained themselves and mastered it at the time. Though training under a master, Varnefindil soon became one himself. His talent for this art was obvious and what more, he found great pleasure in it. With training and practice he soon began gaining popularity in Tirion, offering his services to more and more renown eldar and gaining fame himself. Century later and he became one of the most sought masters of hair art in Tirion. 

This was a time of happiness and prosperity for him and his family. Varnefindil’s art and the fame he gained allowed him to work for many nobles, the royal family included, several members of which had exceptional fondness for his work. For many years he was exclusively commissioned by Feanor and that time earned him both the favour of the king’s son as well as the allegiance to his house when the later conflict in the royal family arose.

When the Trees were destroyed and the Noldor riled by Feanor to leave Aman, Varnefindil’s family stood true with him and followed the rightful king. Though Varnefindil himself did not take part in the kinslaying of Alqualonde, his father fought against the Teleri by Feanor’s command. At Losgar, for that loyalty, they were graced with a place on the ships and crossed the bay with Feanor’s host, hence avoiding the horror of Helcaraxe.

It was after the Dagor-nuin-Giliath (Battle-under-Stars) in which Feanor fell that Varnedindil decided to train himself in the skill of sword. Though he could perhaps still live off his riches and of the art of his hands only, he did not wish to be idle when the enemy came upon them. He did not posses any particular talent for healing so he chose to go into his father’s footsteps. He trained for long years before first facing the orcs and though the experience was shocking, he proved himself capable. Still, he did not join the armed forces as a regular soldier. He only took part in some of the battles, when the need for every blade was great.

During the First Age he worked not only for the House of Feanor, for once the Noldor reconciled and there was friendship among all the houses once more, he was free to travel into various lands. As an artist, he worked for those who were willing to commission his work at the time, and those who paid most for it as well. Sometimes his skill would be paid for exclusively, and for a period of time he stayed with one lord or prince, only working for them and their court, but other times he would travel frequently from realm to realm. However, his main allegiance as a warrior was forever to the House of Feanor, as was his father’s, and he fought in the great battles under Maedhros’ command.

It was only when he was called to fight in the Third Kinslaying that his loyalty wavered, or more precisely, that this wavering became known to Maedhros. After learning from his father of the horrors of the Second one, he was began doubting the remaining son’s of Feanor. He refused to fight against the people of Sirion and instead raised his sword in their defence.

The War of Wrath that wrecked Beleriand did not spare him entirely. He fought for many years and many new scars were added to the old ones on his body. It was at this time that he parted with his family, for his mother did not survive the war and his father chose to return to Valinor because of that.

Varnefindil, however, still felt the bitterness towards the Valar as he had on the very day the Noldor left Aman, if not stronger. Having seen and felt the horrors of Morgoth he did not find it in his heart to forgive the Valar for abandoning the elves for over 500 years, for letting them fight and die in such uneven battle before finally deciding to deal with Morgoth. He chose to stay in Middle-Earth and travelled East with the host led by Celebrimbor.

Second Age:

Though his loyalty to Maedhros had wavered at the Third Kinslaying, Môrfinnil still felt it laid rather with the house of Feanor than Fingolfin and so he joined Celebrimbor and his house, moving from Lindon to Eregion. And as the land thrived, so did he, his wounds healed by now and his spirit returned it’s strength after the horrors of Angband.

The peaceful years of the Second Age he spent as not only an artist but also a teacher. With many youths born during this time of happiness he had plenty of apprentices to pass his knowledge to. He also wrote several books on the subject of his craft, and even a few concerning history and other topics. Similarly as in the First Age, he travelled and worked for different commissioners however still recognising Celebrimbor as his lord should it come to war.

At the time when Annatar befriended elves of Eregion, Môrfinnil resided in that land and he met the Maia under this name. For many years later he would hate himself over not recognising the enemy in him but whether it were the many years of peace that dulled his senses or Sauron’s power that prevented it, he, just like many, did not suspect him of being the Dark One.

Yet soon the truth came forth and War wrecked the land once more. Driven by rage and guilt, Môrfinnil fought in it actively until the Sack of Eregion. He barely made it alive from the sack of Ost-in-Edhil and with grievous wounds was sent to newly established Imladris to heal under lord Elrond and his healers. But Celebrimbor’s death was a heavy blow for his heart and though his body was healed relatively fast, his fea took longer to regain it’s strength after mourning this loss.

For this reason Imladris became his home for the ages to come, as he felt grateful to Elrond for his skill and care that managed to heal his wounds. After many years he was able to pick up his art again, and slowly began to work and teach once more. This was a time, however, when he was the least satisfied with his craft for the War with Sauron and the death of Celebrimbor had taken a toll on him and he grew weary. As the years passed he began to consider leaving Middle-Earth and even moved to Havens for a time, yet he still could not bring himself to forgive the Valar in his heart and hence, remained.

It wasn’t until the Last Alliance that his passion and the fierceness of his spirit returned. Sauron’s rise enraged him, and from that rage he drew the strength. With the united forces of men and elves he marched East and fought in the Battle of Dagorlad. And though once again he managed to survive, he received a would to his leg that could not be healed completely - an injury to his his knee that left it stiff, and Môrfinnil with a permanent limp to his step and chronic pain to deal with. For that reason it was the last battle he took part of and never again could he pick up the sword in defence of Middle Earth.

Third Age:

With his spirit returned at the end of the Second Age, Tûrfinnil found in himself new vigour. Peace was once more brought to Middle-Earth and though Dagorlad left him crippled in body, his mind was open and eager to live once more. Because he could no longer be useful as a soldier, he focused on his art and studies once more and for many centuries he flourished in his crafts.

He took no significant part in the great battles and politics that took place during the Third Age, though he served with his council to Elrond and others whenever it was requested. His life was more peaceful in this last age and that caused the flame of his spirit to grow weary over time. Still his stubbornness and bitterness towards the Valar needed many thousands of years to falter and it was only at the beginning of the Fourth Age that he resigned himself to taking the ship and returning to Valinor, unable to bear the weariness that burdened his heart no more.


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