Name Filigereth
Unprofessional Nuisance
Young Adult
Outward Appearance

"People used to tell me I had my father's eyes and my mother's mouth - but I am learning that neither was a compliment."


There is nothing particularly remarkable about the girl - tall for a woman but short for a man, she has the build of someone who has spent a great deal of their life running but not carried very much. Her hair - brown, and not quite curly - has grown out down her back, though it still has the uneven ends from being cut off hastily and too short, and is generally tied back on itself in a braid. Her eyes are brown, or green, depending on how generously one defines 'green.' Only visible in the wrong light, she has several tiny scars along her cheeks where she must have picked at scabs until they healed wrong as a child. 


The average onlooker is unlikely to see any of this, as Fil keeps to herself, avoiding inns and city centres if she can absolutely help it. On the road, she wears a helmet that covers her face, a mostly-unsuccessful attempt at passing for a young man. 

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"I'm from Lamedon, more or less. I'm just here for work."

That is as much as a curious inquiry would get out of Filigereth about the events that led her to, in her own words, "the middle of all nowhere" in eastern Rohan. Her accent is from the Cape, but the heraldry on her jewelry - a sparrow surrounded by wheat sheaves and budding branches - is that of a now-disgraced noble family of Dol Amroth, and her four-legged companion Breigalph has the bearing of a cavalry horse bred for a knight. She now carries a too-big sword etched with runes, and a shield embossed with a songbird in flight.

Whatever it is she left behind, she wants it to stay there. Striking out across Rohan on her own, the 'little bird' means to find work or at the very least some purpose more than wandering - though her plan has not taken much more shape than that.



"I don't know. Men? Or things? I love Breigalph, and the color of the sky when a storm comes in over the sea, and- no. I don't love anyone who would want to know about it."
"Cowards and idiots. I am both of those, so take that how you will."
"All I want to do is what my father could not - something great. I do not know how, or what."
"What's the worst that can happen?"

Filigereth's Adventures

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Filigereth's Adventures

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Filigereth's Gallery