Captain Dregron "Ron"

Name Dregron
Middle aged
Outward Appearance

Ron is a tall and broad man (6'8"). He is massive from many years of working forges. He towers over most Bree-landers, but they seem to pay little mind to this. He has a gentle face and warm expression, hidden by a full, bark brown beard and hair that falls down just past his shoulders. He maintains a thoughtful look in his keen grey eyes.

In Bree, he often dresses in plain common working man clothes, sometimes seen with an apron and tools on.

When he is out in the field, he dons chainmail and dulled leather armour, sometimes plate armour as well. He carries a large warhammer into battle, often paired with a shield. He is a wicked shot with a bow, but prefers not to use range weapons.



Dregron was born to a well off family. Both his parents were killed in battle when he was very young, leaving a young toddler alone. His parents wealth was taken and given to other folks and Ron himself was given to a family to raise.

All through his life, he was tossed around from family to family. No one wanted to keep him because of his attitude and anger problems, yet he got worse with each move and no one wanted to help him deal with his anger either.

When he was 16, he became apprenticed to a blacksmith and learned the trade. He trained to be a proper ranger as well during this time.

He gladly took a posting kn Bree jusy to get away from the bullying and shame his fellow rangers had for him. He built himself a chosen family and kept his past hidden, happy for once in his life.

The master smith in Esteldin fell in battle and Ron was suddenly yanked out of his home to train new smiths.

He comes back to Bree nearly 20 years later to find things have utterly changed. He tries his best to repair fractured relationships and build up what he lost once more. 

He still is a Ranger, guarding Bree and its inhabitants to the best of his ability while helping any of his kin who come through.

You may know him if:

You are a long term resident of Bree

You are a Ranger or an affiliate of the Rangers

None that claim him
Anyone who is against the Free Peoples
Working, food, metalwork, the wilderness, a good brawl, ale
Evil, orcs, defilers of the land, gossipers, slugs
He has no idea...

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