Kimbell Cutleaf

Name Kimbell
Mid twenties
Outward Appearance

Kim can often be found in the Prancing Pony, though if she is not there most don’t know where to find her. Kim has hazel eyes that pop with her auburn hair that flows down to just below her shoulders. She has an athletic figure but that does not take away from her womanly shape. She is around 5’7 and walks with an air of confidence. Her only constantly visible scar is on her left cheek, right under her eye and going down her cheek. The scar is apparent on her pale skin and rosy cheeks. She has many other scars, most from combat, but they can only be seen if she is wearing certain things. 


She often has a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face. She is known to be outgoing and kind. Many in Bree know her but if you are new to Bree she may be a new face to you since she has been gone for quite a long time though she recently returned. 

Kim is often found wearing clothes that she can easily move in. She has a sword at her side that is beautifully crafted. The hilt of the sword has vine and flower engravings woven around it. The sword looks well used but still holds a shine and is sharp. Kim almost always wears a necklace with four pendants on it. There is a sword, hammer, anvil, and a cat pendant on her necklace. They are strung on a leather band and they all seem different levels of taken care of. The newest being that cat pendant.


Kim grew up in Bree and loved it there for many years. She lived with her parents, Marybeth and Cole Cutleaf, along with her brother Edwin. Her parents were weaponsmiths known for their swords, daggers, and knives. She often played with her brother in the fields near their home, learning how to sword fight. 

She was never allowed to be out with her brother after dark but one night when Kim was 14 and Edwin was 20 they snuck out, taking their swords to practice. Kim and Edwin got into an argument and Edwin being skilled with a sword and Kim not being able to defend herself yet Edwin lashed out, the sword slicing down Kim’s face giving her a scar. After he realized what he had done he rushed Kim inside and her parents took care of it from there. They were furious with Edwin and the next morning, he was nowhere to be found. To passers by it just seemed that Edwin disappeared.

 After many years passed, when Kim turned 19 her parents told her that her grandfather was Dunedain. Kim decided to follow in his footsteps and head up north to become a ranger. After lots of time and training Kim became a very skilled warrior. Kim spent a few years up north with her camp before returning to Bree for a visit at the age of 23.

 When she returned she found her parents murdered in her childhood house and Kim decided to stay in Bree for some time to grieve. While she was in Bree she met many people including Cat who quickly became like a sister to her. After making many friends Kim decided to stay in Bree, checking in with her camp every once in a while and was tasked with watching over Bree. Kim stayed in Bree for a long time, gaining a son, a job, and a good life. There were very few that actually knew her true job, many just thought she was a weaponsmith, which wasn’t a full lie. 

She recently had to return up north unexpectedly and was gone for months. No one really knows what happened to her that made her return the way she did, a drunk, sad, and grieving. Though she is still her usual self she is scarred a bit deeper than before.

 Maybe if you sit down with her she will tell you the tales of her childhood, her life in Bree, and her adventures up north. 


Gregwald,Egfor,Demeloth, and many more
Catalinna- sister, (not by blood),Edwin-brother, Davrynn- adopted son
Kim doesn't really have a thing against anyone in Bree, though up north at her camp she doesn't get along well with hardly anyone, especially her captain.
Kim loves her friends and friends that have turned into family.
Kim is not a fan of swimming, at all. She hates when Cat hides things from her as well.
Kim is motivated by her friends, family, and work. The person that motivated her the most is Cat. She would never tell Cat this but Kim admires her for how hard she works when it means something to her and that motivates her to be better.

Kimbell's Adventures

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Kimbell's Adventures

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Kimbell's Gallery