Name Mearhe
Outward Appearance

Mearhe stand a little below average hight, with a soft feminine body and bright eyes. When not braided and pinned up for convenience, her hair falls down her back to just above her waist. Youthful, but not childish, she is a combination of loving warmth and kind melancholic gentleness, both nurturing and silent, she carries herself with the pride of a sure-footed woman of Rohan. Blessed in all the colors of winter, fair skin, pale blue green eyes, and hair the color of mithril, her proud bearing and strong Rohirric well spoken accent suggest a wealthy upbringing in the beauty of eastern province of the Mark. 

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✬ Full Name: Mearhe (Noble Horse)  | Elven Name: Arrochwen (Noble Horse)

✬ Age: Young | Birthplace: Aldburg | Residence: Eastfold

✬ Occupation: Weaver and Mother

The Horse And The Rider - Tales Of Rohan

Mearhe, daughter of Éodain and Mearwen. Her bloodline can be traced back to the house of Forthwini. Born in a wealthy family, her father is a renowned horse breeder in the Eastfold.  At the age of seventeen Mearhe is married to a much older Rider and Diplomat named Léofwine, son of Léofdag. Although this union is arranged by her father, she soon fall in love with her husband, a kind and generous man. 

Their affection for one another brings much joy to them. They live on the hills on the outskirts of Aldburg, but travel together often on diplomatic missions that will take them to far away places, where Mearhe learn about different cultures and races. On a visit to the borders with the elven lands of the Golden Wood, she is given the name 'Arrochwen' by the Elves. By accompanying her husband, Mearhe becomes versed in the art of diplomacy, helping Léofwine to bring forth new alliances and opening new trade routes.

In their latest mission, Mearhe and Léofwine travel to the warm costal lands of Southern Gondor to attend the coronation of Imrahil  as the twenty-second Prince of Dol Amroth. It is at this time their child is conceived. They will travel back to Rohan, where their son is born on Midwinter. The boy is named Léofara (noble beloved). When the child is only three weeks old, Léofwine is summoned to Edoras to rejoin his Éored, their mission is to protect the eastern borders. 

Léofwine is killed by an Orchish spear during an ambush by the East Wall, on the shores of lake Nen Hithoel. News of his death reach Mearhe two days later. As a true woman of the Mark, she carries her grief with dignity, preparing to say farewell to a much loved friend, husband and father, and it on this day that her story begins.


Wulf and Mearhe 

Portraits of Wulf and Mearhe  created by me


Léofwine and Léofara
Wulf, her son Léofara, her land, her horse, and her freedom.

Mearhe's Adventures

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Mearhe's Adventures

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Mearhe's Gallery