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As the storm clouds of war gather.
In the growing shadow from the the East.
The Riddermark is in the hold of a wizard's malice. 
Mearhe daughter of Rohan set off on the path before her.

 In a world of men - of Kings and Lords, Marshals and Riders, Mearhe, daughter of Éodain, will fight for her place among them. 

She will not let circumstance define her, for the spirit of this woman of Rohan is strong, and her love for her land is fierce.



Mearhe : A woman of Rohan 

Léofwine : Mearhe's husband - He is a natural warrior and Rider of Rohan, fearless, instinctive, but also wise, and kind. He believes life should be lived passionately and fully. He has charm, energy, charisma and an underlying sense of justice. Killed by orcs on the Eastern border of Rohan on the last days of December T.A. 3010   

Léofara : Infant son of Mearhe and Léofwine. Born on the day of Midwinter, December T.A. 3010. Léofara is the sole hair of the House of Léofwine and the House of Éodain.   

Éodain : Father of Mearhe - A former Rider, now a wealthy horse breeder from Aldburg, Éodain is the head of his family that can be traced back to the House of Forthwini. Éodain is a warm-hearted family man, devoted to his wife Mearwen until her death in childbirth. 

Éormir : Léofwine brother-in-arms, a former military man and a trusted Rohir warrior. He is straight talking, uncomplicated, and at times crude. Éormir initially dislikes Léofwine, but it isn't long before the two men form a close bond. He swore an oath to protect Mearhe and Léofara.

'Wulf' : Léofwine’s closest friend. The former Rider known as 'Wulf' is brave, loyal and fair, and will come to Mearhe’s aid when he’s most needed. Mearhe meets 'Wulf' in dire circumstances, and they forge a bond that will last a lifetime. 

Undug : Also known as 'Dark Filth', Undug is an Uruk-hai commander from Mordor. Murderer of Léofwine, he is determined to kill Mearhe and her son. Feared lord of the fortress of Barad-dûr, he is known as ‘Undug the Cruel’. Unfazed by his enemies, Undug is ruthless and devious in his schemes to crush all those who oppose him. 


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