Name Faelagor
Sell-sword / Bounty Hunter
Outward Appearance

Faelagor strikes an appearance of a man who holds up his honor. His appearance could be that of a king. Although sometimes Faelagor can be seen wearing a crown, he is no king. On his worn armor, stitches can be seen. He stands tall at 5 feet 9, with straight shoulders and a rather slim, but athletic appearance. His medium length hair is roughed up, and so is his beard, thick, but with some gray spots. He goes dressed like a wanderer and carries a long sword on his back, alongside a dark wooden longbow. Through his left eye runs a scar, which occasionally goes hidden under the green hooded cloak he is commonly seen wearing.



The House of Eluindir
The fall of Luin-Gondolang

A mere 25 years ago, far north in the lands of Eriador, there lived a small community of men and a handful of dwarves, in a town called Luin-Gondolang, Blue-Stoneridge in the common tongue. Among them were the most skilled craftsmen, both men and dwarves, ironsmiths, steelworkers, and woodworkers. Their force of trained warriors and bowmen protected them for ages from the occasional goblin and mountain-troll attacks. Nothing out of the ordinary happened for a while, and Eluindir, the lord of Luin-Gondolang led their people to delve deeper and deeper, in search for richer metals, to make stronger weapons and armor.

Eluindir was an honorable man, he wore a crown of Numenorean craftmanship, it was given to his ancestors ages ago, and ever since was the mark of the lord of Luin-Gondolang. It would be passed on by traditions to the firstborn of the same bloodline. The next in line, would be Eluindir’s oldest son, Faelagor, a 13-year-old boy, who was an apprentice to Denri, the Dwarven weaponsmith. Eluindir was very fond of his oldest and thought him well, to not kill unless given a choice and not to interfere with the forces of nature, he would not kill animals for game, food or leatherworks, the materials used in their craftmanship are gathered from the bodies of the fallen, in the defenses against the occasional attacks on Luin-Gondolang, hides from beasts, horses that were mounted on the battlefield, and other unfortunate souls, who met their end in similar ways.

“Aenarín”, the day of the crown, which was a yearly traditional gathering, where the finest crafts where traded and riches were bestowed upon was coming closer every day, and every year a feast was held, following Aenarín, in the main hall of Luin-Gondolang, the Fire-Iron Keep.

Meanwhile, lord Eluindir kept digging for richer metals, however too deep was dug, when the caverns in which the goblins resided were found, their walls breached. The goblins retaliated against Eluindir’s delving company of metal-workers and stone-delving townsfolk. They fled back to their closest encampment, and the goblin retaliation was fought off.


3 weeks later..

All seemed well, there was no sign of goblins, orcs or other spawns of the enemy, for a while, and Aenarín was upon us, mighty riches were traded that day and people from far places came to gaze upon the craftmanship of Luin-Gondolang. In the night, as the feast in the Fire-Iron Keep began, it happened. An orc ambush accompanied by the goblins of the breached caverns. They attacked ferociously, women and children were slain by the blade, the men were defenseless, as they were not equipped for battle. They brought mountain trolls, and outnumbered the people of Luin-Gondolang three to one.  Many tried to flee, but were shot in the attempt. Only a handful of survivors remained, homeless, scattered across the woodlands of Eriador. Among them were Denri, the dwarven smith, and Faelagor, son of Elduindir. Their homes were destroyed, and they were now set into the wild.



25 years later...

Faelagor Autobiographical writings (FPP)

The world has changed, trees have grown taller, but lakes have run dry, mountains have moved and giants walk among us. I am alone in the middle of the forest. I hear the birds waking the morning and give way to the night. Wolves have been howling for the moon, but it was not seen last night, clouds have covered the skies and small beams of sunlight penetrate the treetops. I had a dream about my childhood, the murder of my people and the destruction of Luin-Gondolang. I will always remember the orc that led the attack. I never saw my father again, but I wear the crown of Eluindir. I was raised by the elves of Lindon, there I was thought how to fight, how to read and how to write. They thought me precious secrets of an old world. I’ll never forget my family’s downfall, and the ferocious attack of the orcs, but I will rise again, and I will bring a new member of my bloodline into this world. He will once again wear this crown. And bring honor to the house of Eluindir. Now I travel through the forests of Eriador, seeking for higher purpose, making gold as a sell-sword and bounty-hunter, going from town to town. I continued my efforts to become a great weaponsmith, and I forged myself a great steel sword, which has protected me from numerous goblins, wargs, trolls and more evil spawns of the enemy’s cesspits. I will not rest until they all fear the name of Eluindir.  

I am Faelagor, son of Eluindir, heir to a forgotten crown. I am the wanderer in the woods, I am the travelling merchant that sells exquisite craftsmanship weapons. True craftsmanship lies in your heart, not the size of your forge. I am not a ranger, or a hunter, but I am a safekeeper of the woodlands, I would not kill the innocent beasts that roam amongst us, unless they came crawling out of the cesspits of Morgoth.

The dwarven metalsmith from Luin-Gondolang Denri and Fellow kinmen Erandriel and Drakknaek
Father: Eluindir
In love with nature and all of its beauty. All animals, flowers, seas, mountains and lakes. Faelagor loved an elf lady once, but that love was forfeit with her death. He mourns her passing ever since.
All servants of the enemy, but most of all he hates Orcs.
Avenge his father's death by slaying the orc that killed him.

Faelagor's Adventures

Faelagor's Adventures

Faelagor's Gallery

Faelagor's Gallery