The Guardians of Arda

Founding date
The Guardians of Arda was founded at the dawn of the fourth age by Elf lord Erandriel and Drakknaek, the dwarven metalsmith, but was reformed roughly 25 years after the fall of Luin-Gondolang, with the recruitment of Eluindir's heir.
To banish the remnants of Morgoth from this world and protect the free people of Middle-Earth
Main area of operations
The Guardians of Arda are mostly active in Eriador and Ered-Luin, however additional outposts are coming to the southern part of Middle earth.
Kinship type
Belegring of Gondolin, and everyone who stands against the evil that forever dwells in our lands.
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


The Guardians of Arda


The Guardians of Arda is a combined allegiance of man, elves and dwarves formed at the dawn of the fourth age to protect the free peoples of the remaining remnants of Morgoth and a new rising threat, which has not yet revealed itself


A passage from

The Guardians of Arda - Shadow of the Fourth Age

"When Erandriel set foot on the docks of Mithlond a foul smell was in the air. He was about to set foot on the ship that would take him to Valinor, when a cluster of fiery arrows rained down on the ship. Rapidly the sails catch fire, and stood a significant contrast against the bleeding sun, Anar, which came rising from Belegaer, the great sea. It was an ambush by orcs, remnants of Morgoth. Erandriel fought them off as he saw the bodies of fellow elves, women and children, laying lifeless on the docks, and the cold streets of Mithlond. It was in this moment, Erandriel decided it was not yet time to leave Middle-Earth, he must stand guard to protect the realm of men against the remnants of Morgoth."

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Erandriel Erandriel from Mirkwood Elf
Faelagor Faelagor Man

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