Celossiel Gwithrendis

Name Celossiel
Smith, traveller, and soldier when there's need.
Beyond six thousand years old, born F.A.~450.
F.A. The House of the Hammer of Wrath
S.A. among the Gwaith-i-Mírdain
T.A. the Wandering Companies
Outward Appearance

Tall she stands, her tresses long and silver. Her eyes were as if wrought from pyrite; silver-gray, flecked with pale gold.

Her hands are rarely idle, and if not at work with a hammer or blade, they dance with whatever they may find in their vicinity.

Her voice is still and whispy, but rising to a melody in anger or excitement.

Her gaze and manner betrays a spirited and inquisitive nature, and her countenance is as like to be filled with mirth, or erupting with a rich laughter, as with a sudden flash of anger that smolders beneath.



LANGUAGES: Celossiel speaks Exilic Quenya and Sindarin with fluency. She was taught enough Westron to speak with other folk when no other common tongue is found, but it sounds strange on her tongue.



PERSONALITY: Celossiel is always cordial to those she meets, though is like to be reserved and cool with complete strangers, particularly those of other races when they share no purpose nor acquaintance.

Those she holds close will see her laugh often and with ease, but as oft they may see her fierceness and anger - and her amilessë is nigh a warning, for her temper has been likened to the changeful nature of the sea.

She cannot stand folly, and will not tolerate cruelty. Boastfulness discredits the boaster in her eyes, though it brings her some mirth on the tongues of other races.

She respects and understands the love of making, as well as the pursuit of knowledge, be it of her own craft of other, for it is always a pleasure to her ears to hear passion stirred and laid to good purpose.


FAMILIARITY: Those who dwelt in Eregion, or worked or visited the Forges of Imladris might recognise her at least by sight. Those of Gondolin, or to whom First Age histories are well known, might notice her work-garb as bearing the colours and markings of the House of the Hammer of Wrath: black and red, with gold accents. However, Celossiel has spent much of the recent centuries outside of the Valley, and so any more recent arrivals may not know her at all.


ANESSI (Names)

Named following the traditions of the Ñoldor, she bears several names - brief explanations and translations are given below.

Father-name, given after her mother, and publicly known.

Q. Celussiel S. Celossiel
"river-daughter" from celussë, "water falling out swiftly from a rocky spring"

Chosen-name, it is a private name, and so be given leave to use is would be a sign of the deepest regard.

Q. Visterindis S. Gwithrendis
"changeful-woman” from vistë, "change"



CELOSSIEL, daughter of Sirissiel and Balvegil, sister of Balvagor, named also Gwithrendis, was born in Gondolin, the City of Seven Names, but young she was still when its destruction was spelled. Yet she remembers the City's splendor still, and most dearly she recalls the heat of her father's forges, and what lessons she had learned watching him with keen and curious eye.

When the City fell, so too must have her father with it, for he was among the ranks of the House of the Hammer of Wrath. Yet her mother also perished, stricken by an arrow in their flight, and Celossiel with her kin were led out of the ruined city, arriving eventually at the Havens of Sirion, where her brother took to the ships, and she to the anvil. When the War of Wrath came, she bloodied for the first time the very instruments she had wrought, and found no joy in it.

In the Second Age, East with the Gwaith-i-Mírdain she went without her brother, and long centuries she spent among them in peace, study and practice. When Eregion was laid to waste and their Lord captured, she retreated to the valley which would become Imladris, working the forges with a new grisly purpose among her remaining kindred. Bitterly she fought by their side in the battles to come, and when all was done she settled again in the valley, though departing often with the Wandering Companies.

She dwells in Imladris still today, where she established a forge and foundry for her own devices, seeking to provide a place of craft, collaboration and learning.

Some, and then some.
Few that dwell here still.
Beauty either wrought by skilled hands or natural, and the shaping of metal. The sound of gull and sea.
The Enemy and his servants for the destruction wrought upon her lands and kin, boastfulness, destruction of knowledge.
To preserve and restore the knowledge of the smiths of Gondolin, and seek out what new knowledge she may from other folk.
"No refuge stands forever, and no life is certain to remain to pass on its wisdom."

Celossiel's Adventures

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Celossiel's Adventures

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Celossiel's Gallery