To Artisans and Apprentices of Imladris,


((OOC Info:

Celossiel, an Elf-smith of Gondolin and Eregion of old, opens the doors to her foundry to all Elven artisans and prospective apprentices who dwell within Imladris. If you are in need of smithcraft, find the first notice instead.

Please send a mail here or in-game to arrange!
Feel welcome also to use the location by yourself, I ask only that you do not re-appropriate the location and maintain it as Cel's workshop. Forge + Workbench available in the house.

Contact: Celossiel
Address: 1 Twinfall Path, 
Nan Glorui, 
Falathorn Homesteads. 

Note: This location is RP’ed as Imladris.))