Narwarónë Fealassë, "Belrossiel"

Name Belrossiel
Warrior and Guardian of the road to Mithlond
Very very old
Wanders back and forth between the elven realms.
Outward Appearance

One of the first things to be noticed about Belrossiel is that she is tall, standing at 6'3" (little under 191 cm), and has a sturdy build. It is obvious that she has seen many battles.


The second thing to be noticed is her red hair which is shot through by strands of gold - a stark contrast to her pale, silver eyes which seem to light up when she laughs.


She often dresses in silvers, golds, and greens as they are colors that she feels suit her best. She prefers to wear tunics and leggings/trousers but has been known to wear a dress on more formal occasions and full armor when needed.


She normally wears no identifying marks or patches but she does have an old pendant with the symbol of the House of the Wing of Gondolin upon it in her possession.


Her alto voice is ever so slightly accented but completely understandable when she speaks in Sindarin or any of the tongues of men. And, though her alto singing voice is pretty enough, it is when she plays music upon harp or lute that she really shines in any gathering. Though she may not be the most accomplished, skilled, or renowned musician, it has been said by others she once knew that her playing has power to captivate and opens a window to the undeniable light that resides within her - a trait which had come from her Vanya mother.


Belrossiel is often found smiling or laughing, even when she does not particularly feel like it inside. She personally finds that to do otherwise would mean that she would be giving into her own sadness and despair, letting the Shadow and the Enemy have a victory against her.


Her weapons of choice are halberds, great swords, or a sword and shield.


On the whole, she is a unique blend of her Ñoldo father and Vanya mother. She is one who is completely at ease with who she is and what she stands for; a protector and lover of all that she finds good.


"Will they hate me for all the choices I made?
Will they stop when they see us again?
I can't stop now; I know who I am."


She was born as Narwarónë Fealassë in Tirion to a metalworker of the Ñoldor and a songstress of the Vanyar. She was followed by two younger brothers; the oldest of which was the spitting image of his father while the youngest looked and thought most alike to his mother. Being the oldest of the three, she felt a certain responsibility to look after her siblings; a responsibility that was reinforced by both of her parents over the years.

Her father served Turukáno (Turgon) in Tirion. After the death of Finwë, she followed her father, who had become an accomplished weaponsmith, and younger brother in the arduous journey across the Helecaraxë, leaving her mother and youngest brother behind as they were unwilling to leave; thus, causing a rift in the family. They followed their lord all the way into Gondolin and became members of the House of the King as his guard.

All was peaceful in Gondolin, both she and her brother becoming strong and fierce warriors in their own right, until the events of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad where her brother was slain by orcs while protecting Turgon. Both she and her father tasted the devastation of losing a family member to death for the first time and retreated back to Gondolin with the rest of Turgon's hosts to recover and mourn.

When Tuor came to Gondolin and was accepted into the city, as a reward for her long and valiant service to Turgon, she was given the honor of serving as Tuor's (and, by later extenstion, Idril's) guard with the House of the Wing. She stayed in his service - even after the Fall of Gondolin - where she lost her father, who died with Turgon - until he and Idril sailed. Her service was then transferred willingly to Gil-Galad in Lindon until his death in the War of the Last Alliance.

It was after this war that she was given the Sindarin epessë "Belrossiel" by one of her fellow soldiers.

But, in these days, she can be found wandering back and forth between elven realms, safeguarding the road to the Havens for those who wish to sail. And when she chooses to rest for a time, she can be found playing upon her harp or lute and seeking out company that will have her.

Note: Your character may know (or know of) her if they lived in Gondolin or Tirion or fought in the battle of Dagorlad!

A father (deceased), a mother (resides in Valinor), a younger brother (deceased), and a youngest brother (resides in Valinor).
The Enemy.
Music and song, drinking, socializing, sparring, and woods and forests.
Orcs, spiders, wargs - pretty much any dark creature serving the Enemy.
To protect those who journey to Mithlond and all that is still good in Middle Earth.

Belrossiel's Adventures

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Belrossiel's Adventures

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