Petunia Daphne Brushwood

Name Daphnee
Furley's babysitter (personal assistant)
Outward Appearance

5'8" in height
Coffee coloured eyes
Dirty blond hair which reaches to her waist, when not in a bun.

Though she is muscular, she is not freakishly so, and her figure is not quite hourglass, but nearly.

She has pale skin and a birth mark over her cheek which she is self-conscious about.
Her rough hands show a life of work.

Her voice is the deeper end of feminine, but might be considered beautiful?

She tends to wear either armour, or comfortable clothing. She can clean up on occasion.

Daphne is not one to take trouble from anyone. She can be grumpy and snippy sometimes, but she isn't overall unfriendly all of the time. Just...sometimes.

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Daphne was born in a two-room cottage in Chetwood North, as well as her younger sister, Lily. Their mother died during childbirth when Daphne was six and Lily, four. The babe did not make it either.
Their father did his absolute best to raise his girls, though he was distraught, and always made sure they knew how very loved they both were. Though his brother Edward offered for him and his daughters to move to his farm, her father wished to remain in the cottage with the memories of his wife and continued to work as a seamster in Bree-town to keep them fed and fairly comfortable.
Then, when Daphne was nine, she watched her father writhe in pain from a venomous snakebite. Though everything which could be done was done, it had been too late. He died that night. Daphne had locked Lily out of the room once the pain grew so unbearable.

Daphne and Lily were brought to live with their uncle Edward Jewelweed, his wife and all their many children on Jewelweed Farm. Before, it had been considered sweet that she resembled her father more than her mother. But then it was as though they hated her for reminding them of him.
Only Belinda, the one cousin from her aunt, the sister of Edward and Daph's father, truly loved her. Even her sister turned her back on her. But Belinda looked up to her and Daphne stood up for her when her parents also died and she too, came to live on the farm.
She left the farm directly after Belinda disappeared, when she was about twenty-two years of age.
Since then she has had many jobs, but none have kept her as the Company of the East Road has this far.

A few, though she's not sure how many consider her a friend as well
Uncle: Edward Jewelweed, Sister:Lily, cousins: too many to name, though the only family she is fond of would be Bellindah
Depends on how you look at things
Dogs, Furley that infuriating man, his voice, Rivendell, dancing, those she considers family, strength, the colour green, drawing, and of course other things as well.
Harold, being forced to do push-ups, being compared to others, snakes, the smell of fish jerky, wine, more things.
To keep her "family" safe and happy, become a more pleasant person.
*grumbling intensifies*

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Daphnee's Adventures

Daphnee's Gallery

Daphnee's Gallery