Nyswyn (pronounced `niss•win)

Name Nyswyn
Apprentice Scholar, Student, Explorer
Young Adult
Bree town
Outward Appearance


Young woman with a scholarly bearing; leather-bound notebook at her side and writing instrument tucked neatly behind one ear. She wears clothes of reasonably fine quality, though sometimes more befitting an adventurer than a scholar as her mannerism suggests. A leather cord hangs about her neck, the end tucked protectively under her garments. Despite its girlish features, a wise smile often rests upon her face. She speaks with the accent of a learned dweller of Eriador, but her warm, deep complexion betrays a foreign ancestry.



Age: Young adult

Height: 5' 5" or thereabouts at most

Eyes: Large, black eyes shine with curiosity. 

Hair: Soft black locks braided neatly round her head, save for some strands framing her eyes and face. A thin ribbon is woven into the braid.

Build: Through a cloak or scholar's robe, is the indication of a slender, shapely form with no significant muscle definition. Only close inspection of her palms would reveal subtle, long-healed burns.


》Abridged History《

Orphaned as an infant near South Gondor during a conflict, Nyswyn was taken in by a journeying scout mapmaker. Upon returning to his homeland of Bree (having a name bestowed on the child by a very surprised wife), he raised Nyswyn under his tutelage and - after much convincing - that of his fellow historians and masters of lore.

        Nyswyn showed an affinity for learning, as well as nature and wildlife; she began to explore outside the halls and archives for adventure (earning the disapproval of several elders). Thus, she became a student of ancient secrets and skills invoking the natural world to defend herself against evil forces plaguing the lands.

Now in adulthood, and with noble animal companions at her side, Nyswyn's inquisitive explorations carry her further than ever before.~



Her animal companions, Gustine, Laerhel, fellows of The Blades of Valour, and certain other adventurers she meets in her travels.
None officially recorded. | 'Uncle' Ebel, 'Aunt' Alda, and their son. She considers Aranoll and Vaniie her family too.
Her adopted family, her animal companions, learning, exploration, books, good music, and those true of heart.
Forces of evil, and being restricted from exploration. | Dislikes: Prejudices, and those who show ill will towards wildlife.
Pursuit of knowledge, discovery, the preservation of freedom and life.
"Searching for whatever I may find!"

Nyswyn's Adventures

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Nyswyn's Adventures

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Nyswyn's Gallery