The Blades of Valour

Founding date
To vanquish evil in the shadows as it rises up, even with little to no praise from the people of Eriador
Main area of operations
Bree-land, Pickdean, 9 Chestnut Street
Kinship type
Gaffer's Home Brew
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


Initially comprised of three warriors who resigned from the Gondorian company they were in, The Blades of Valour was born as rumours of their departure rose up. It is a haven and a company for adventurers of all races, of all walks of life as we move toward our vision of an Eriador free from the influence of the Enemy.  Nowadays, their valley home has become a sanctuary for rangers, animals and wandering souls alike, and always eager to strike at the forces of Mordor and Angmar. They accept all manner of folk so long as they bear the hearts of fighters willing to defend Eriador and beyond to the last breath.


Aloryl Aloryl, Lory to most Man
Aranoll Aranoll Man
Laerhel Laerhel Man
Nyswyn Nyswyn (pronounced `niss•win) Man
Vaniie Vaniie, the Eradicator Man
Villkatt Villkatt Man

Adventures by Members

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