"Cell" Goldworthy

Name Cellirica
Purveyor of Pipe-weed & misappropriated goods
Middle Age
1 Myrtle Court, Rootmorton, South Farthing, The Shire.
Outward Appearance

Quick-wilted and observant. Can be pleasant with most  people, although Faeries* are excluded. As with most  Fallohides, she is tall and of a slimmer build. At 3' 10" high, she is of course fairly tall for a hobbit!


I grew up in a small town in the South Farthing named Pincup. I had a quite an unassuming childhood. I did once travel as far as a small town called Deephallow. Being in Deephallow made me realise that there were other parts of The Shire I could explore.

Eventually I found myself in a West Farthing town named Michel Delving. It quite a nice size town, but I think ending up there was a mistake. It was here everything went wrong!

Firstly, there was the day I tried to help out Postman Proudfoot. He was very appreciative until, although through no fault of my own, I got into trouble by loosing a mail bag between Michel Delving and Waymeet. It seems that the hobbits in West Farthing are a very nosy bunch.

Then, there was the night I bumped Bounder Boffin. I should have realized that from that point forward, I would get mixed up with somebody else problems. For I got mugged, met a wizard, some guys called Rangers and those darn Faeries!


Several months later, I arrived in Rivendell, worn out, fed up, very hungry and no sign of a comfortable bed. After being drawn into an unwanted quest. it seemed that the reward of 'Gold' that I was promised was a fabrication. A portrait of a princess was a nice gesture, but really after all that running around! If they think a painting of Narmeleth would be enough to pay the upkeep of my burrow, they must be joking! 

I know that these Faeries must have something better than a portrait that I could have had for payment. A little bit of burglary might get me the odd trinket or two, or even a nice magic ring. As long as it sparkles it would help for the upkeep of my home


It was during this unnecessary quest, I encountered an enthusiastic hobbit named Fasgand, who was the founder of Concerning Pipe-weed, a small kinship that supplied exotic leaves for pipe-weed merchants. Though for some reason, which still baffles me, I am now its Chief Hobbit.

Today I am planning my own Epic Quest. I am going into Mirkwood to discover what happened to Fasgand.  But to find my way there I will have to ask the Faeries in Lórien!

I just hope that tomorrow will be a sunny day...

* Cell's name for Elves.

Cousins Ivy-Leah & Rose-Leah Gold-berry
A high elf called Failindo/Goblins
Sparkly things
Spiders, big scary ones!
To relinquish High Elves of their gold
"Ooh sparkly things." "Now that's silly!"

Cellirica's Adventures

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Cellirica's Adventures

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Cellirica's Gallery